Sonnen selects Dan Henderson as an assistant TUF 17 coach

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Dan Henderson famously was forced to pull out of a title fight with Jon Jones at UFC 151 due to a knee injury. Chael Sonnen stepped up, and was rejected by Jones as an opponent. Eventually the entire show collapsed, but Sonnen was rewarded for his gameness with a title shot against Jones on April 17, following a high profile stint as opposing coaches on TUF 17.

Dan Henderson responded to the news with an irked tweet.

"I guess I should just quit training to win fights and to be exciting for the fans, and just go to s--- talking school," said Henderson.

Earlier this week Sonnen said "I haven't spoken to him, but, um – I haven't spoken to Dan, we'll leave it at that." Fans took it as a sign that relations between the two training partners and friends were rocky.

Turns out if there were any hard feelings what so ever, they are past - Henderson has been chosen by Chael Sonnen as part of his TUF 17 coaching staff, which already includes Clayton Hires, Scott McQuary, Jamie Huey, Mike Dolce, Vinny Magalhaes, and perhaps Randy Couture. More, Henderson will help coach Sonnen for this title shot. Further still, Hendo's knee has still not recovered 100%.

"We're on great terms (and) we've always been on great terms," said Sonnen.

"You've got to understand, what Dan and I have got is like the military. Our gym has got an order, and Dan is one of the coaches. He's above me. I don't talk back to Dan, and if Dan wants to say something, that would be the way it is."

"He's helped me through my whole career. The media can try to spin it however they want. But he's helped me with my whole career, and he's going to help me with this one, too."

Given that both have title aspirations, what about the possibility of the two fighting?

"You've got to stick around, man," said Sonnen. "I can't give you the conclusion. What fun will reading the book be?"

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Furyan site profile image  

11/2/12 1:56 PM by Furyan

This. Wasn't Hendo recently saying Jones/Sonnen was bad for the sport? Could the UFC be pulling a switcheroo?

thefightingsheep site profile image  

11/2/12 1:53 PM by thefightingsheep

The hijinks beginning already

MITman2k site profile image  

11/2/12 1:51 PM by MITman2k

Is Machida/Henod still on?  Wish it could be the other way around..Chael could still do his talking(which I'm sure the camera crews would be just as interested in filiming) whearas Hendo(who I'd prefer to see fighting) is the one that faces Jones in the octagon

EckY site profile image  

11/2/12 12:40 PM by EckY

I still cant believe Hendo is being forced to fight Machida and Sonnen is walking into a shot, its absolutely mind boggling.  I cant even believe UFC try to play this shit off with a straight face and that people actually accept it as being not that bad.

Im gonna Barboza you site profile image  

11/2/12 12:15 PM by Im gonna Barboza you

This x10

EBM site profile image  

11/2/12 12:06 PM by EBM

Can someone please ship Vinny a Calo T-Shirt?

RPBJJ site profile image  

11/2/12 9:28 AM by RPBJJ

paging Vinny!!!!

VictorG site profile image  

11/2/12 8:29 AM by VictorG

Some good coaches!

Nick Fury site profile image  

11/2/12 4:30 AM by Nick Fury

i hope Dans knee is 100% soon.

jtown2 site profile image  

11/2/12 12:51 AM by jtown2