Invicta signs Bec Hyatt, gets its first Ozzie fighter

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I just signed to Invicta :) First OZWMMA Fighter

From: RowdyBec
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I just agreed to a multi-fight deal with Invictia Fighting Championships making me the first ever Australian fighter to do so!! Eeeeeek :)

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This has been what Ive been working too since Invicta was first announced & when the contract offer came through I broke down into tears LOL :) Im a mother of two children & train full time so this means so much to me... I cant wait to put on a show for you cwazazy Americans!! :) <3




Thank you for all the kind words everyone :) I really appreciate it!! Love or hate me... I hope that you all tune into my American debut at Invicta Fighting Championships 4 to see me beat some ass or get my ass beat :) Female on female violence.... oooooh yeah!! This Aussie is coming to choke necks & cash cheques :) <3

WMMA is legit... most us girls have a chip on our shoulder & will do anything to prove we belong :) I have two arms, two legs & a heart beat just like any man so let me fight & entertain :) <3

Ill be traveling fight week but Im too not sure of the actual flight time but I have to travel from Brisbane, Australia all the way to Kansas City I think :) From what Im told thats about 29 hours in air?? The most time Ive ever spent traveling to a fight has been 3 hours LOL... so its def going to be a shock to my system :) A fight is a fight though & all that matters is what happens inside the cage so Im looking forward to this challange & am hell bent on showcasing the ridiculously stylish violence I can inflict & entertaining you all!! :) <3

Id really really love to come earlier & train but all comes down to $$$ like anything in this stoopid world LOL :) Since the Invicta announcements Ive had so many sponsor offers so hopefully I can work something out from that :) If you know any connections that wanna sponsor the first ever Aussie in Invicta ... send em my way pretty pleeease & I wont disappoint ;)

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neddac site profile image  

11/24/14 8:04 PM by neddac

Men have been impersonating women online since before it was cool.PM Chat Roulette.

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11/24/14 8:03 PM by thatonedude


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11/24/14 8:01 PM by CerronePoundsOnMeStrong

VU for being a Pitt wrestler. HTP!

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11/24/14 7:58 PM by Ever Thus

Lol. VU

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11/24/14 6:01 PM by PittWrestler

So weird to think this is a dude posting all of this.

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1/3/13 3:43 PM by RowdyBec

It snowed again while I was asleep so I got to wake up to it thi morning YAY :)

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1/2/13 3:29 AM by A bag of ricin

Wish I had snow here, just freezing wind blowing hard in Oregon. :(

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1/2/13 2:14 AM by RowdyBec

LOL!! Such a gentleman :) You better be watching Saturday night mister!!

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1/2/13 2:04 AM by InTheWeedz

I would Do Rowdy Bec...