Complete TUF 16, episode 8 fight recap



Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean in the cage. Both fighters come out firing punches from the outside. It's not the most technical action, but it's action. Jon lands a right hand, and his opponent moves into the clinch and falls willingly to his back and into guard. He controls his opponent's left arm and sneaks the right leg up for a triangle choke. Jon lifts him up in an attempt to escape, but he eventually falls back to the floor. James is a little off to the side, and Jon is trying hard to slip through the hold. He lands several short left hands as he tries to transition out of the choke, but James isn't letting go. James finally does release the legs, and Jon moves immediately into a mount position and looks for the guillotine. it's tight, and James has to tap.

Jon Manley def. James Chaney via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 1

After the fight, Jon reveals that James bit him on the chest before tapping. The attending doctor tells Dana what happens. Jon is willing to give James the benefit of the doubt, but the biter has no remorse. He was desperate to get out of the choke, and he admits he tried anything he could.

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JasonGV site profile image  

11/4/12 7:40 PM by JasonGV

Its not MMA, its TUF.The producers want, sketchy, off kilter, immature personalities so there will be more drama on the show.The trade off is they cant fucking fight. Dana may just be starting to realise this.

thatsme site profile image  

11/4/12 7:38 PM by thatsme

Why is it of all the combat sports, guys in MMA are the most undisciplined?They think after one or two classes or worst, after watching a few MMA fights, that they are suddenly ass kickers?Where's the discipline? Even Boxers have more discipline. Mike Tyson, only got into one fight outside the ring and that was against another boxer. Larry Holmes did the same thing.But they didn't walk around getting drunk trying to fight everyone in bars, the street etc.Boxers have discipline. Wrestlers have discipline. Traditional martial Artists, without question have discipline.MMA tends to take ANYONE in, as long as they have money.

ethug6 site profile image  

11/3/12 2:52 PM by ethug6

I love it when the two first scuffle only Manley jumps in cuz they wanna see Julian get his ass kicked. Then he starts screaming somebody help me I'm gonna get hit!Julian goes back upstairs to find Dom but hes so wasted he can't tell that Manley is actually white.This episode was pure comedy. Manley didn't get much airtime before but he definately made this episode.

frederic site profile image  

11/3/12 1:54 PM by frederic


GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

11/3/12 1:51 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Hadn't watched an episode all year besides the first but this was awesome. Aftermath of the robbery. Dana showing up telling them he's not impressed by their performance. A new ugism is born with LET ME BANG BRO. Lol when Dana said "I'm gonna save a lot of fuckin money not paying out bonuses". Carwin dominating Nelson in the 5 field events and then looking like usain bolt in comparison to quitter Nelson. And then the bite fight.

BrCutter site profile image  

11/3/12 1:49 PM by BrCutter

Lol, now that makes me sort of want to watch it.

bruised site profile image  

11/3/12 1:46 PM by bruised

Ricci seems to be grounded and has a good perspective. I couldn't have agreed more when he said, "I'm ashamed to be associated with guys like this and it makes the sport look bad." He was of course referring to Pink Mohawk Douche Bag (PMDB), but I'm sure he'd include the trailer-park biter also.

torquemada site profile image  

11/3/12 12:55 PM by torquemada

It was a weird so bad it was good moment.

Delorian site profile image  

11/3/12 12:54 PM by Delorian

That was the best episode of the season. Manley will be in the finals, likable dude with a solid set of skills.

Warzone209 site profile image  

11/3/12 12:52 PM by Warzone209

Someone explain to me how a Personal Fitness trainer with a couple months of MMA training made it on the TuF Show?