Ben Henderson: Chael Sonnen is just an average white guy


However, Diaz's reputation as a forward-moving, bird-flipping fighter can hardly hurt for promoting the bout, and by extension, Henderson. The 28-year-old champ sees the benefit of hype, being an avid fan of onetime middleweight title challenger and current light-heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen, who was recently named one of the top-five PPV draws in the company.

"He knows it's a promotional game," Henderson said of Sonnen. "He is of average speed, average athletic-wise, white guy, average-looking, and he wrestles guys. He holds guys down – that's his game. Who wants to see that? That's not a super-marketable (style). But as soon as he starts talking, he's very marketable. And he knows that."

Henderson, though, doesn't want to play the same game. Instead, he wants to do his entertaining in the cage. A thrilling bout with Diaz will be a job well done.

"You have to be entertaining and have a few tricks up your sleeves, (to where people say), 'Oh wow, what was that?'" Henderson said. "A few entertaining tricks, and hopefully you pull them off."

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Chomas site profile image  

11/15/12 3:26 PM by Chomas

Now I root for Bendo to lose.

marcopolio site profile image  

11/15/12 3:06 PM by marcopolio

Benson is getting supper chatty for guy who won debated, razor thin decisions over a natural FW.

x Anchor x site profile image  

11/15/12 2:45 PM by x Anchor x

Wow I can't believe he said this, what a racist!

gooddoc site profile image  

11/14/12 7:59 AM by gooddoc

Maybe if he wasn't such a below average black guy, he would have been able to definitively beat that white guy who is half his size.

gooddoc site profile image  

11/14/12 7:36 AM by gooddoc

Benson's a racist now, when did this happen? Say It ain't so Benson, say it ain't so.

THP site profile image  

11/14/12 4:04 AM by THP

How can Benson be so derogatory of the white race when jesus is of the white race?

BoilerBrawnByBeatdown site profile image  

11/14/12 2:57 AM by BoilerBrawnByBeatdown

lol@the first Edgar vs Benson fight being close, can't believe people are that fucking stupid.second fight was close though.

krang site profile image  

11/14/12 2:52 AM by krang

ttt for racist Bendo

Sabaki site profile image  

11/8/12 2:54 PM by Sabaki

White men cant jump??

FreakDaddy site profile image  

11/8/12 2:30 PM by FreakDaddy

My bad, I don't speak Jersey......I take my troll comment back....And I am sorry......