Edgar: I'm going to have to test Aldo's mettle

source: mmafightcorner.com

“I’m going to do it all. I don’t like to go in there saying I’m going to do one thing. I’m a mixed martial artist and I feel I’m well rounded enough to take the fight wherever it needs to be. I think I can stand with pretty much anybody, I think I can wrestle with anybody and I feel I can compete on the floor with jiu jitsu with anybody. He’s definitely a tall task in an opponent, but I just think fighting guys at the caliber fights I’ve had throughout the years has only got me better and I think Jose will do that as well.”

In his rematch against Henderson, Frankie took a lot of low leg kicks from Henderson that seemed to get him off his game momentarily. Aldo, of course, has been known to batter his opponents with the same style leg kick. But Frankie is well aware of Aldo’s tactics and is preparing the best he can for them.

“When Benson came out he kind of was throwing a low leg kick, which did throw me off a little bit. But I felt I made the adjustment within that first round, and I feel that rounds two through five he didn’t really catch me with it at all the rest of the fight.  I’m sure that’s something Jose is going to pay attention to, being that he’s such a devastating leg kicker, but I’ve been working my Muay Thai and working some things. Like I’ve been saying, this challenge is going to make me step up and address it.”

Being that Aldo has had such a dominant reign at featherweight in both the WEC and the UFC, Edgar said that a man like Aldo, doesn’t have many flaws in his game.

“It’s tough to really put any chinks in any of these guys armor that are at this high level now. I just think I’m going to have to push him and test his metal. I think that’s what I do well, I push the pace and that’s what I’m going to have to do in this fight for sure.”

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MattyECB site profile image  

11/12/12 10:46 AM by MattyECB

I'm rooting for Edgar and as long as he has decent underdog odds, haven't checked yet, def putting money on him.Also, Aldo's leg kicks may be more technical than Hendo's but nowhere near the sheer force from size imo. I couldn't get over how fucking huge Benson's legs looked compared to Edgar's... it was fucking wierd seeing Edgar try to check a kick. With some practice and a more even size, I think he can avoid getting Faber'd by Aldo, will still be a major obstacle to overcome, but I think he can handle it

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/12/12 1:55 AM by MMALOGIC

if he dances around like he normally does, aldo is gonna kill him.  at 155 edgar has a great speed advantage and he still gets caught with his jiggle and jive...  aldo is gonna murder him if he thinks he's gonna play that game. Frankie better strike, wrestle and tie him up.  if a relatively slow guy like maynard can catch frankie multiple times aldo is gonna make him look like a punching bag and kicking pad. he better not stay on the outside against Aldo.

catbath site profile image  

11/12/12 1:36 AM by catbath

I'm no purist when it comes to rankings, personally. I just want to see the fights that I find most compelling. And while I'm not terribly interested in Chael vs. Jones, Frankie and Aldo going at it sounds great to me. Total respect for Aldo, but Frankie has an undefinable toughness.  The closest thing we've ever seen to Aldo being truly tested was the final round of the Hominick fight -- and I really don't think Mark had the gas to truly take advantage. I'm not saying he can do it, but if Frankie can take Aldo to an uncomfortable place, this fight could get really interested.

HexRei site profile image  

11/12/12 1:22 AM by HexRei

voted up sir.

Cung knocked my ace out site profile image  

11/11/12 9:24 PM by Cung knocked my ace out

There is iron in your words of death

nick diaz nut hugger site profile image  

11/11/12 9:22 PM by nick diaz nut hugger

Hey Edgar haters: He beat Henderson in that second fight and should be the champ. Also, he's the only fighter at 145 who has a realistic shot at beating the phenom that is Jose Aldo. And you know this fight is more exciting than Aldo/Koch WAR EDGAR

Goderson Silva site profile image  

11/11/12 8:30 PM by Goderson Silva

That's good England, what school did you went?

Chiron site profile image  

11/11/12 8:28 PM by Chiron

"I think that's what I do well, I push the pace and that's what I'm going to have to do in this fight for sure."I ran that through Google translator and it said this:"I'm going to try to run and play tag for 25 minutes, maybe mixing in a takedown I can do nothing meaningful with every once in a while, like I always do. Then hopefully I'm lucky enough to get retarded judges that think bouncing around and meaningless takedowns are worth a lot of points. Hopefully, I'll be on the winning side of another close & controversial decision."Yup, typical Edgar strategy.

Zaph site profile image  

11/11/12 4:06 PM by Zaph

  True, but former champions tend to get a bit of preferential treatment when entering a new weight class.  Maybe it's not 100% fair, but by now, I think it's become obvious to everyone that UFC fights are not booked according to rankings anyway.  In terms of draw, there aren't too many other challengers at 145 they can throw at Aldo right now.   I'm pretty sure that if Edgar had asked for a tune-up fight to get acclimated to 145, they would have granted it to him.  He thinks he's ready to step in with Aldo, so the UFC are ready to profit from it.

Willingly_Butt_Bonnared site profile image  

11/11/12 2:15 PM by Willingly_Butt_Bonnared

Frankie is more adept at testing Aldo's disco being that he's from the Jersey shore.