TUF returning to Wednesdays

source: mmafighting.com

The 17th season of Ultimate Fighter, which is currently being filmed in Las Vegas with Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen as coaches, is expected to air on Wednesday nights, starting in January on FX.

The show moving to a better night was announced by FX Executive Vice President Chuck Safler back in October. Malki Kawa, the manager of Jones, said the move would be to Wednesday in an interview with The Fight Network. Subsequently, MMAFighting.com confirmed the new date with Dana White.

In doing so, the show is moving back to the night it ran on Spike for many years. The show moved to Fridays at the start of 2012, with the move from Spike TV to FX. Even though moving to a significantly higher rated network, and having the fights air live for the first time in the show's history, ratings fell to the lowest level in the show's history.

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Reynaldo Poullard site profile image  

11/15/12 11:16 AM by Reynaldo Poullard

Yikes!That throws a real wrench in the works.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

11/15/12 11:13 AM by Hong Kong Phooey

correct and shark tank

AshDoherty site profile image  

11/15/12 9:09 AM by AshDoherty

FX Officials "TUF Moving To Wednesdays "Unlikely""   http://www.mmafighting.com/2012/11/15/3648572/fx-officials-say-tuf-move-to-wednesday-unlikely

Nick Fury site profile image  

11/15/12 7:32 AM by Nick Fury

Best move they've made lately.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/15/12 12:18 AM by MMALOGIC

now the question is whether spike will lead into tuf on wednesdays with the bellator tournament or not.  if they do they can potentially benefit from riding the wave but they would also likely lose out on the casino site fees. they can do saturday nights at 10pm so they come on right after the ufc fight nights or counter program the ufc ppv's... unfortunately it's gonna be an uphill battle for them because there's gonna be so much free and accessible UFC content it will be very difficult for them to gain traction. I would lead into tuf on wednesdays and forget about the shitty site fee's because it has to become a successful TV product first... if they can get viewers they can eventually sell tickets on their own.  I would then air the bellator reality show after TNA or on tueday nights at 10pm.  I think the UFC will counterprogram spike with FS1.  they will air an international tuf against the bellator reality show and international fight nights against some of the live bellator events. If Zuffa can keep bellator below 700k viewers spike/viacom will probably get out of the promotional business and just license/air different mma promotions similar to what hdnet is doing.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/15/12 12:01 AM by MMALOGIC

just like I thought... the tuesday rumor was to throw spike off...  wednesdays were the only night FX had available.... i also suspect the second season (if they continue to have 2 seaesons a year) will air in the summer because wedensdays are booked on FX in the fall and because the debut for the first season is in january instead of the usual march premiere making space for a summer season. this also helps the candian market because interest has been dying there ever since rogers sportsnet had to air tuf on fridays instead of wednesdays. Fight nights have also been moved to saturdays on FX making it consistent with the saturday ppv prelims on fx, and the fox fight nights... fuel is also scheduling the fight nights on saturdays and fuel is being used for international events which is a great move. looks like UFC fight nights will own saturday nights. the distribution problem ive been harping on has largely been fixed... the only issue left is fuel only being available in 36 million homes.  with Fox launching fs1 this summer (which is available in 80 million homes) it sounds like this issue has been solved as well. Major credit to Zuffa and Fox for fixing all these problems... this fox deal has turned out to be very, very good. Imagine if the UFC was on NBC, USA network and NBC sports....  that's essentially what they have now - if not better - with Fox, FX and FS1. It's the perfect distribution platform. I suspect they will rebrand fuel into a subscription network to compete against hbo/showtime and to leverage their vast movie library and premium sports programming.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/14/12 11:36 PM by MMALOGIC

as soon as the soap opera began the ratings jumped from 600k to over 900k last week and over a million the week before.  Drama is what sells tuf.  it's not going anywhere.

Chris27 site profile image  

11/14/12 11:22 PM by Chris27

Dude right now on Friday in a boring season its still doing 800k to 1 mill. It dropped into the 600k's but it bounced back.Thats a million people watching an advertisement for the UFC each week, getting rid of that how are they gonna make that up? Moving nights and Sonnen/Jones will def help the show. Now the talent the last two seasons and the few seasons before TUF 14 havent been great but they def need to keep that show going imo. They need a weekly presence on tv that draws a million or more viewers. WHat they need to do is stop doing the same three divs over and over, LW, MW, WW. Between signing guys, TUF and Bellator they arent able to get the top level guys.Go back to FW, LHW or HW. FW imo would be best, tons of FW talent like Chris G, Chas Skelly, Sharkbait, Hunter Tucker, Lance Palmer etc. What they should do is give out a 6 figure bonus to the winner, like 150k compared to Bellators 100k. So give them a six figure payday for winning the show and then give them a better starting contract.If TUF winners get 15/15 for 3 fights, 20/20 for 3 and 24/24 for 3 fights they should start the guys out at 20/20k.What prospect that comes into the UFC is gonna get a 20/20 contract? They are gonna get a 6/6 or 8/8 contract to start. So you give them 100 to 150k bonus and then a start contract at 20/20k for the winner you will def attract a higher level of fighter. They will say I'm better off doing TUF than just signing with Bellator or the UFC straight out. Give them a reason to go on TUF. Before you kind of had to plus it was good exposure being on TV. Now regional orgs are on tv, you can fight on AXS TV and then sign with the uFC or Bellator. You dont need TUF to get on tv or to get into the UFC.Starting doing more BW/FW/LHW/HW seasons, give the fighters a six figure bonus and a higher starting contract, keep the show on Wed, bring in coaches with personality or guys with a beef that will make the show interesting and thats how you save the show.

jaytrainwreck site profile image  

11/14/12 11:17 PM by jaytrainwreck

They need to produce the next American TUF more like the UK vs. Australia TUF.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

11/14/12 11:15 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Good move for me personally. Never made sense for me to watch one fight on tuf when I could get several with better fighters on Bellator on Friday nights.