Randy Couture manager's BMW X6M spontaneously bursts into flames

source: tmz

Randy Couture is thanking his lucky stars, because his manager narrowly dodged a gruesome death this month in L.A., when his BMW spontaneously burst into flames.

Randy's manager Sam Spira tells TMZ, he was driving to a friend's house several days ago when "without any warning, my BMW X6M burst into flames, exploded and was completely totaled."

"I can best describe the event as a very loud bang while going about 10 miles an hour -- there was a speed bump that I slowed down for -- followed by an immediate giant engine malfunction light and flames coming out from the front and under the car."

And if that wasn't scary enough, Sam says his young daughter was in the passenger seat -- and the passenger door wouldn't open. So Sam had to grab his daughter and pull her out the driver's side, burning himself in the process.

Seconds later, Sam says the car exploded and was immediately engulfed in flames. Spira adds, "Had we been traveling on the freeway, we would probably all be dead."

To make matters worse, Spira says his BMW dealership has not yet inspected the car to determine why the engine exploded -- and the BMW corporation is ignoring his phone calls. Spira tells us, he plans to sue if the company doesn't do something soon.

Randy Couture tells TMZ, “I was really shocked to see the pictures and video of my manager’s bad-ass BMW X6M on fire and exploding – a BMW that I drove in many many times.  I am just glad that he and his children got out alive.”

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AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

11/16/12 9:48 PM by AttentionDeficitDizzle

that is pretty messed up, that is definitely unusual

Ktaco site profile image  

11/16/12 9:33 PM by Ktaco

Does anyone else keep getting an "error for the scripts on this page" only in this thread? I think it has to do with the video link.

SSSnakeman site profile image  

11/16/12 9:18 PM by SSSnakeman

Possibly never had the auxiliary water pump replaced when it was recalled last year for being a fire hazard. Still a pretty surprisingly intense fire.

UGCTT_Molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

11/16/12 9:11 PM by UGCTT_Molsonmuscle360

Wish I had enough money to have a Beemer that would explode on me.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

11/16/12 9:03 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Almost got him.     Soon...

Phisher site profile image  

11/16/12 8:57 PM by Phisher

I never understood the point of the BMW making motosport versions of their SUVs. If you want a sports car, get a fucking fucking sports car.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

11/16/12 4:16 PM by chaplinshouse

yeah i think he's trying to get PAID from bmw

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman site profile image  

11/16/12 4:15 PM by Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman

Little dramatic if you ask me. I've had my car ignite on start up and there's plenty of time to get out of danger.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

11/16/12 4:15 PM by chaplinshouse

watch now someone send his mgr an anonymous note just to F with him.  "i think our point was made.  don't ever put Randy in another movie, he is not an actor.  NEXT time... your family becomes a firework show, ca-peesh?" lol

Underscore____________________ site profile image  

11/16/12 4:01 PM by Underscore____________________

European luxury and quality.