Hendricks KOs Kampmann in :46 seconds

by Gene Mrosko | source: mmamania.com

Well, maybe if one guy were impressive enough in victory, they might legitimately earn the shot.

Like Hendricks scoring a knockout in the first minute with a monster left hand that floored "The Hitman" and a huge follow up punch that put Kampmann out completely if he wasn't already.

Which he probably was.

Either way, "Big Rig" destroyed Kampmann's skull and firmly established himself as the top contender in the 170-pound division. Hell of a knockout.

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John Hendricks Vs. Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name John Hendricks John Hendricks
Height 5′ 9″ (175.26 cm)
Weight 170 (77.11 kg)
Record 13-1-0
Name Martin Kampmann <a href=Martin Kampmann" src="http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&rs=100&q=75&x=-2&y=0&w=90&h=120&ro=0&s=05F5316C-1D09-6BFC-E592A2EDF9223C93.jpg" />
Height 6′ 0″ (182.88 cm)
Weight 170 (77.11 kg)
Record 20-5-0
Johny Hendricks defeated Martin Kampmann by KO (Punch, 1st Round, 0:46)



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ElPupi site profile image  

11/19/12 12:34 PM by ElPupi

Hendricks deserves a title shot againt GSP already

MattyECB site profile image  

11/18/12 12:46 PM by MattyECB

I remember when Hendrick fought Saddolah I said Hendricks would win, but even though he has mad power he probably won't be able to just straight KO him since Saddolah is game like Forrest... As I'm saying this BOOMThen he fought Fitch and I'm telling my friends, he probably can't outwrestle Fitch and Fitch has insane durability so he'll probably... BOOMThen he's fighting Kampmann and as I'm saying Kampmann is a great striker and having taught Hendrick's he'll probably be prepared for his... BOOMThey weren't back to back, but godamn if I haven't learned to respect Hendrick's power by now XD

MattyECB site profile image  

11/18/12 12:41 PM by MattyECB

Most wrestlers with power who fall in love with striking learn a valuable lesson at some point in their career and either go straight back to wrestling, or become better at fusing their two styles. I think when Hendricks finally gets burned for trying to headhunt against a technical boxer like GSP he'll become a fully developped, but as is, I'm in love with how Liddell-esque he's seemingThe way his chin lets him straight-up just stand from bottom position, and the way he throws looping power punches although not so much overhands which technically is a better style at least in boxing terms, is so reminiscent of Liddell for me

WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image  


DIVISION 1 POWERfav ever since he beat that terrorist AMIR SADOLLAHfav ever since he beat that terrorist AMIR SADOLLAHfav ever since he beat that terrorist AMIR SADOLLAHfav ever since he beat that terrorist AMIR SADOLLAHif condit landed that left kick on GSP, then that Jonnys left hand has a clear opening

stonepony site profile image  

11/18/12 7:07 AM by stonepony

I think it has to do with a wrestler's ridiculous core-strength. Look at that gif. When you see it from JH's right side... He's just standing straight up lazily putting that left out there. He was hardly even committed to it.

stonepony site profile image  

11/18/12 7:04 AM by stonepony

Yeah man, that was amazing. Kampman is one of the best in the world, and he's extremely durable. Nobody puts him down like that. And, it didn't look like Hendricks put everything he had in to that punch. He didn't follow through or lean in to it.

JBASS site profile image  

11/18/12 7:01 AM by JBASS

Wondering if Deaf Forever was that dude at the show with 'Just Bleed' painted on his chest. Anyone got the GIF???

stonepony site profile image  

11/18/12 6:57 AM by stonepony

Early stoppage... Sometimes it's embarrassing to be associated with these people by being an MMA fan. Damn...JH checked that last punch a little, he pulled it so it glanced. Which was the right thing to do. The respectable thing to do. Martin is a stud, but, early stoppage? Retarded.

JBASS site profile image  

11/18/12 6:30 AM by JBASS

Can we call him 'Hendro' then??Man, that is some ridiculous power that Hendricks has. I thought the fight with Fitch may have been a fluke. But after KO'ing Kampmann like that? That's no fluke, that is ridiculous power. HW has Carwin, LHW has Hendo - WW has Hendricks!!!

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

11/18/12 4:28 AM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

Mini-endo El Cunado