White: GSP & Anderson will make a s#!%load of money

by Trent Reinsmith | source: bleacherreport

At the UFC 154 post fight press conference, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre skirted the issue of a superfight with Anderson Silva, saying he needed time off.

UFC president Dana White agreed, telling the media that he would giving GSP at least 10 days to decompress and not think about anything fight related.

After St-Pierre left the presser, White told the media that the date for the potential fight was still sometime in May, that Toronto, Dallas and Brazil were still being considered, and that Dallas seemed to make the most sense, “because it’s neutral.”

“That’s why we’re going there," said White. "I hope I sell a 100,000 (tickets)."

“I want Anderson Silva to love this fight and want it. I want Georges to love this fight and want it. Becasue they’re both gonna make a s---load of money, that’s a no-brainer. I want them to want it for the right reasons. This is more of a legacy fight. This is the pound-for-pound fight.”

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Nucky site profile image  

11/19/12 3:18 AM by Nucky

GSP is worth more undefeated he will prolly turn the fight down collect his 5 million on PPv sales / Sponsors and fight Diaz/Hendrix than take a fight with Anderson for 500k show money 500k win money and most likely get KO''d or subbed.

TexDeuce site profile image  

11/19/12 2:27 AM by TexDeuce


Balance site profile image  

11/19/12 1:52 AM by Balance

From what I've read, GSP already makes a shitload of money, and I don't see how getting posterized is going to help him maintain that earning power.

ssj site profile image  

11/18/12 11:41 PM by ssj

Also Silva and GSP have been dominating their respective divisions for YEARS now, Jones has merely done the same at LHW for just over a year.GSP-Silva is a no brainer.

ssj site profile image  

11/18/12 11:40 PM by ssj

GSP-SilvaJDS-Jonesmake it happen Dana, same card

Silverball site profile image  

11/18/12 9:42 PM by Silverball

Jones vs JDS? Does that qualify as a super fight? Let's get the ball rolling on that one.

Lux Fixxins site profile image  

11/18/12 4:38 PM by Lux Fixxins

You sure don't know a lot about business, do ya?

Fabefromfort site profile image  

11/18/12 4:25 PM by Fabefromfort

Not from me bubs. Not from me. I wont buy that washout. I'm a GSP fan, but you gotta know your limitations. Every man should. George cannot fight Silva. All knowledgable fans don't want it. Everyone on the planet wants Jones-Silva. Why isn't the UFC pushing for it ? It's a natural. It's written in the stars. The Ali-Frazier of our time, the 300 Spartans-Xerxes of this moment in human history. Jones-Siva, Dana. That is all. Over and out.

Deuce77 site profile image  

11/18/12 2:32 PM by Deuce77

Dana is a POS.

MisterMr site profile image  

11/18/12 2:20 PM by MisterMr

It is really a shame for the UFC if Silva VS Jones never happens.