CBS's Seth Davis: Don't want my sons watching homoerotic UFC


Seth Davis, a college basketball writer for Sports Illustrated and NCAA analyst for CBS Sports, just tweeted from the human cockfighting era.

Looking on news sites showing picture of two muscular bloody men in homoerotic fighting pose….Sorry, I’ll never get this UFC thing

I’m a prude on this but I’m also a dad. I don’t mind my sons watching boxing, but I wouldn’t want them watching a UFC bout.

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Firstly, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. The irony of someone finding fault with a subject by making a bigoted statement would indicate that Davis needs to do some soul searching, and less twittering.

Secondly, if you see two guys fighting, and what you think about is gay sex, the issue is not with fighting. has the story.

Davis doesn’t like mixed martial arts. It’s bloody and homoerotic and he certainly wouldn’t want his sons watching it. Davis prefers wholesome athletic competitions like college basketball and boxing.

I just hope no one shows Davis the entire portion of the Sports Illustrated website dedicated to this homoerotic activity. Or tells him that CBS Sports has a partnership with Otherwise a prude like Seth Davis might have to block his employers’ websites on his sons’ computers. Until then, he can proudly allow his boys to watch boxing where they can learn the proper way for men to touch other men. No homo.

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Back in 1996 Davis appeared on the pioneering weirdo reality television series HBO's Real Sex:

If video is blocked, check vid at

Seth Davis is the young gentleman wearing a wildlife sanctuary on his chest.

"I would think I would like to be nude in the White House," said Davis at the time. Not long after this video aired in 1996 nudity in the White House became kind of a big deal to some folks, and partly because Seth's dad, Lanny Davis, would soon be doing damage control for Bill Clinton's zipper.

DeadSpin recently asked Davis about his appearance on the show.

"If memory serves, that was about 1995 or '96 because I had just moved to New York," said Davis. "I'm pretty sure my dad had not yet been hired as Special Counsel. No, I have never been nude in the White House. I'm amazed that clip is still in circulation. I'm pretty sure I would have never agreed to be interviewed if I knew I'd be making my living on network television."

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Davis received fierce criticism of the tweets, and has since removed them and apologized, calling them "stupid and thoughtles."


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Tat2tillidie site profile image  

11/20/12 10:41 PM by Tat2tillidie

Lmao but so true :)

Tat2tillidie site profile image  

11/20/12 10:39 PM by Tat2tillidie

Yea it's pathetic ... Just cause you don't understand doesn't mean it's ok to make ignorant remarks ... I realize its his opinion but c'mon this is like we're back in 1995

Sipesy site profile image  

11/20/12 10:14 PM by Sipesy

It's only homoerotic to homos.

56sav site profile image  

11/20/12 6:24 PM by 56sav

UFC isn't homoerotic, but can't blame him for not wanting his sons to see gay shit.

BrCutter site profile image  

11/20/12 3:59 PM by BrCutter


MDF tm site profile image  

11/20/12 3:54 PM by MDF tm

I do. I do let u bang ur bro bro.

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

11/20/12 3:20 PM by Coolface_Awesomeson

Just let him bang his bro, bro.

MDF tm site profile image  

11/20/12 3:19 PM by MDF tm

I was watching the FUC

fishyfish site profile image  

11/20/12 2:40 PM by fishyfish

swimming, beaches and pools are perverted, cause I'm always looking at the girls, thinking lewd thoughts in my head. breastfeeding is also perverted and violent, cause I always imagine fighting the baby for one of those boobs. what is not perverted is burkas.  they cover up a woman from head to toe, so there is nothing to help me fantasize.  in this case, it's my imagination that is a tool of Satan.  maybe a lobotomy would be more wholesome.

UGCTT croy_00 site profile image  

11/20/12 2:36 PM by UGCTT croy_00

Well that depends. Are you at practice, or are you naked on your bunk beds?