White: Rousey is like a Diaz brother

source: axs.tv

White tells "Inside MMA's" Ron Kruck that the move had everything to do with Rousey, herself:

"Ronda Rousey. Watching her, meeting her, knowing her. From the outside, she's this beautiful girl who won a bronze medal in the Olympics and everything else, but when you talk to Ronda Rousey, and you get to know her, she's a Diaz brother, inside. She's a real fighter, and that's what I look for in anybody, whether you're a male or a female. She's nasty. She's mean. She likes to fight, and she likes to finish people. Those are the kind of people I like, whether you're a male or a female."

Recently, White stated that he believes "Cyborg" doesn't want to fight Rousey. When prompted, once again, he was sticking to his guns:

"I think the issue is that it's pretty clear that 'Cyborg' doesn't want this fight. I'm trying out this 135 pound division. I think that the division is stacked enough where she has some serious opposition ahead of her. But, that's it. I'm trying out this 135 pound division."

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CREamed_by_DongJ site profile image  

11/21/12 2:05 PM by CREamed_by_DongJ

Nothing like a Diaz bro.Both the Diaz brothers have fought up in weight class.Rousey is hiding from Cyborg.

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

11/21/12 2:04 PM by ManWithTheIronFists

LOL! 10/10

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

11/21/12 2:00 PM by ManWithTheIronFists

Yup. She'd get folded up like a Honda in a car accident.

Tolstolobic site profile image  

11/21/12 1:30 PM by Tolstolobic

Rousey is definitely NOT hot

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

11/21/12 1:01 PM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

Then Ceaser Gracie Camp walks over    Nick: Hey Ronda, ready *sigh* to go?  Ronda: OF COURSE NICK!!! Dana*to the brim of tears*: But...but....but Ronda Nate: What? I can't even understand you Nick: Yeah, seriiously, just take a deep *sigh* breathe homie Dana: We were gonna go to N9NE Steakhouse, hey, where are you all going? Maybe I can tag- Camp+Ronda: Ceasergraciejiujitsuwhat!?  

UGCTT_SMASHED BY A BIG RIG! site profile image  

11/20/12 3:25 PM by UGCTT_SMASHED BY A BIG RIG!

Dana just wants to bang bro. Will Ronda let him bang?

fishyfish site profile image  

11/20/12 2:32 PM by fishyfish

Dana has compared Honda to the Diaz Bros a few times, as a compliment.  Dana loves Nick Diaz.  I hope after his suspension is over, he comes back, and doesn't mess up again. sorry for the hijack.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

11/20/12 1:14 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Haha....what do you think Dana said after that picture?   Hey ummm...Ronda.  Ummm, I was wondering what you are doing after the fights tonight.  Maybe if you, well you probably don't want to but, maybe you want to come come N9NE Steakhouse with me.  But only if you want to.  I'll run up a $20K tab and tip the server $10K for no reason whatsover other than to show you how much money I have.  Oh and look, I brought my Ronda Rousey tshirt with.  I can wear that too if you want.

le site profile image  

11/20/12 1:03 PM by le

That's one serious imagination you have there.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

11/20/12 12:50 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Who are these hotter female fighters?  Michelle Waterson probably is.  Why isn't Dana walking around with a Michelle Waterson t-shirt then?  If you don't think it's clear as day that he has a huge crush on her I don't know what to tell you. Regarding him being more famous, it's a status thing.  Confidence, the fact that she's famous and attractive, and the best female fighter in the world add to her sex appeal.  Dana wants all up in that but I bet she won't even let it happen.  Either way, this turns out bad for Dana.   Now that he signed her to a UFC contract which is clearly motivated by his school boy crush, if he gets shot down, he'll say "shit now we have women fighting in the UFC and I didn't even get laid."  If he gets lucky enough to bang her, 1 month later after he's tired of it already he'll say "shit now we have women fighting in the UFC."  Dana's thinking with his pecker.