Hendricks: GSP can't take me down

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Johny told MMA Fight Corner on Tuesday night why St-Pierre should challenge him next and not Silva.

“Well I’m not as good as Anderson, but I believe I have what it takes to beat GSP. I’m a wrestler, I’ve been wrestling since I was five. And, they say that’s what GSP is the strongest at and also I have knockout power. I can lay anybody out at any given moment. The only thing is that sometimes I like to fight, just because I like to fight. You know what I mean? I don’t like to end it fast. And sometimes I go in there and I know I have to make a statement and I know I have to do something to put myself above everybody else and that’s sort of what happened with Kampmann.”

This past weekend at UFC 154, GSP looked back his ol’ self, able to take down Carlos Condit at will. While a wrestler at Oklahoma State University, Hendricks was a NCAA four-time All-American and a three-time Big 12 conference champion. When Johny was asked if he thought St-Pierre could take him down, he said:

“No. No, I don’t. I’ve wrestled all my life and if I really wanted to I could go into a fight and take him down. I just haven’t had the thrill of wanting to take somebody down. For some reason, just hitting someone in the face is a lot more exciting to me, and also to the crowd.”

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trent205 site profile image  

11/22/12 10:52 AM by trent205

I'd love to see Hendrix fight GSP and I am a fan of his but If he really believes that he I delusional.

Darth Ryase site profile image  

11/22/12 6:31 AM by Darth Ryase

And steals his soul like he does everyone else.

buckanater site profile image  

11/22/12 2:20 AM by buckanater

Lol wut

The Sauce site profile image  

11/22/12 1:49 AM by The Sauce

Everyone says that..

lozer81 site profile image  

11/22/12 1:36 AM by lozer81

back in the day at greg jacksons they said GSP could take rashad evans down at will, and rashad could NOT take gsp down.hendricks would get wrestle-fucked to death.

LBH_RN site profile image  

11/22/12 1:25 AM by LBH_RN

Hendricks is a left handed Hendo WW. GSP wouldn't have to gameplan very hard to take another easy UD.

BoilerBrawnByBeatdown site profile image  

11/22/12 12:46 AM by BoilerBrawnByBeatdown

lol@GSP "killing" anyone, GSP wins 50-45 like usual

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

11/21/12 11:54 PM by Unwariestpickle

GSP will fluidly transition between striking exchanges and take-downs. This fight will look like the rest.

WWETopTeam site profile image  

11/21/12 9:34 PM by WWETopTeam

The guy REALLY is that deadly... He knocked out a BABOO BABY , then Fitch, then beat Koscheck , then knocked out Kampmann, and afterwords BEGGED for St. Pierre... The guy is an elite wrestler and an elite striker. Jonny Hendricks is unstoppable in MMA at this point in his career. He would give St. Pierre a concussion if he tried to stand with Hendricks. He will be an all time great and is making his case for the greatest resume at WW. He dominated GSP's wins.

MarkRobinson site profile image  

11/21/12 9:33 PM by MarkRobinson

i agree    +1