MacDonald: I want revenge on Condit


It's been over two years, but UFC welterweight phenom Rory MacDonald hasn't forgotten about the night he was "embarrassed" by Carlos Condit in Vancouver. Find out why "Ares" is gunning for revenge after he takes on BJ Penn next month in Seattle.

"I respect him completely, he's one of the guys I respect most in the sport. His outlook and his attitude is great. But I feel like I was embarrassed in that fight. I want to prove to myself and the world that I am the better fighter and I want revenge for the embarrassment I felt that night. Everyone has their own opinion of the fight, but at the end of the day I lost and was embarrassed. It is what it is. I plan to be the world champ."

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11/27/12 11:04 PM by WWETopTeam

Everyone says McDonald's has Elite MMA Wrestling and GNP. While this is true, it is his striking that is also Highly skilled. He mixes up his techniques beautifully. He keeps the opponent guessing between kicks and punches. His leg kicks are Ernesto Hoost-like. He throws Head kicks from outside effortlessly rips headkicks consecutively.His use of feints and the Superman punch are high percentage attacks.

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11/25/12 4:25 PM by WWETopTeam

Rory states here that he could beat Georgy, but he doesn't wan to get kicked out of the gym for beating up GeorgyMacDonald has been singing the same tune about never fighting GSP, and how out of respect for his team and coaches, he’d take the backseat for now while St-Pierre continues to drive as welterweight champion.“It’s like this, Georges has seniority at our gym, Tristar. Georges is a friend of mine. We’re training partners together. I don’t know about you, but you probably don’t like to beat up your best friend, cut him, watch him bleed, cry, lose money, all that stuff, it sucks,” said MacDonald.“But there’s also a thing at our gym, I don’t want to get kicked out for one. I’m newer there, and Georges brought me in as a guy in his own weight division. I have to respect that you know? I have a long way to go in this career of mine, and in the UFC, and I want to wait till I am peaked to carry that title.”As MacDonald continues his climb up the welterweight ladder, however, it’s hard to ignore the similarities between his situation with St-Pierre and what happened not long ago between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.Recently, the often soft-spoken MacDonald has started to show the maturing process even when speaking to the media. In past interviews and press conferences, MacDonald seemed to defer to St-Pierre almost in a “big brother” sort of way, learning and growing under the UFC’s welterweight champion.MacDonald is starting to become his own man now and that could eventually turn into him being a top contender standing right behind St-Pierre in the welterweight divisional rankings.“I’ve come to a point in my career where I don’t look up to anybody in this sport anymore,” MacDonald said at the UFC 152 pre-fight press conference earlier this week.“Yeah, Georges he’s a good friend of mine, but I don’t look up to anyone. He’s a regular guy and a great training partner for me and me for him so it works good together.”

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11/25/12 4:19 PM by WWETopTeam

When it is all said and done, Rory will hold all the records at 170... as a 19 year old kid he was training with the best. At 21 he destroyed Condit before the bad stoppage.GSP was getting beat by his training partners at Tristar. Do you need a link?

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11/25/12 2:33 PM by WWETopTeam

Rory should just fight GSP. I see him overpowering Georgy easily in the clinch.

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11/25/12 12:07 PM by youarewhatiswrong

UFC has their first fight up on youtube for free: remember that third round going differently. I thought it was Rory dominating till the end, then Condit getting a big shot to finish.In actuality Rory got off a little offense at the beginning of the round (headkick and stuff) followed by Condit absolutely dominating a beaten Rory for the rest of the round, followed by a very strange and questionable stoppage after Condit had been landing consistently, but did not land some showstopper to suddenly end the fight.

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11/25/12 11:31 AM by MAG

Big Mac, IMHO

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11/25/12 11:30 AM by MAG

Except Rory lost to Condit...

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11/24/12 1:05 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

Chael gets PAID to do what he does. He earns income from the PPV all the way down to the sponsors. He's landed himself as the next coach of the TUF and two title shots with his mouth.WWETopTeam is trolling from a computer without generating a penny of income.

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11/24/12 1:01 PM by Atkinson

Ragdolled Diaz too.. That shit was tight

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11/24/12 11:35 AM by shootfighterbull

Im not really a fan of Rory, but I have him beating up Bj and Conduit.