Quebec AC denies Sakara appeal - Côté remains winner by DQ

by Andy Cotterill | source:

After his disqualification loss to Patrick ‘The Predator’ Côté at UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit last weekend for striking his foe with numerous illegal blows to the back of his head, Italian striker Alessio Sakara’s agent filed an appeal with the Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux (Québec Athletic Commission) to have the ruling reversed.

Sakara vented afterward that he had never been warned by referee Dan Miragliotta, therefore the ruling should have been “No Contest.”

Commission spokesperson Joyce Tremblay said they have refused to consider the appeal.  ”The decision of the arbitrator is final and without appeal.”

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Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

11/26/12 9:17 PM by Olive Garden Table For One

I am waiting for the Legio Sakara message concerning these fugazi French Canucks and this paisan in name alone referee

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

11/25/12 8:49 PM by Olive Garden Table For One

MMA is not the ballet

KZTT_HaliChap site profile image  

11/25/12 8:48 PM by KZTT_HaliChap

Not sure if blind.

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

11/25/12 8:48 PM by Olive Garden Table For One


xXJayRobXx site profile image  

11/25/12 8:15 PM by xXJayRobXx

So you think Sakara got robbed because he wasn't allowed to knock someone unconscious by repeatedly smashing him in the back of the head.

Sex Chicken site profile image  

11/25/12 7:58 PM by Sex Chicken

I have a friend in the court system and I acquired a transcript of Sakara's appeal proceedings.... Province of Quebec vs. Alessio Sakara Judge Pierre Garcon- Mr. Sakara. Do you have anything to say for yourself in regards to your disgraceful conduct  on the date of November 15th? A. Sakara- Please Mr. Garcon. I am a simple man. I come to Canada, and I taste the cuisine, I see the beautiful architecture and fashions, I taste the food and I see the beautiful women, and I go, how you say "Crazy"!. Where I am from we have no beauty. Our pasta is soggy, our sauces are plain,  our suits chaffe and fit strangely in the shoulders, and our women look like Dom Deluise.  Judge Pierre Garcon- That's all fine and good Mr. Sakara, but you commited a crime against the sport you purport to love. A. Sakara- Kill me now. (Please note the defendant has torn open his shirt) I come to your country a man and I leave lower than a pig. Please your honour I can't go home like this, I am a man with no country I am a worm.  Judge Pierre Garcon- Mr. Sakara, compose yourself.  A.Sakara- (whimpering) I fight it's all I know. Please let me stay. I fight for Canada. I make you proud... Judge Pierre Garcon- Mr. Sakara are you aware your last victory was almost three years ago against James Irvin?... Mr. Sakara you are a sad, sad little man, who has no right to sleep one more night in this country. Get this man out of my court, and on the next plane to Rome. Ptttuy (Please note the judge has spat at Mr. Sakara.).

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

11/25/12 7:32 PM by Olive Garden Table For One

Cuzo, no doubt in my mind.and to think at first I was happy to see Dan instead of Yves as the ref. shame on me

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

11/25/12 7:22 PM by Stu Cazzo

Fucking stupid Amedican - Dan was paid off by the Canadian mafia

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

11/25/12 7:09 PM by Olive Garden Table For One

What language was the so called warning given in. This could be very important.

Bat21 site profile image  

11/25/12 6:58 PM by Bat21