Lorenz Larkin & Luke Rockhold in bitter Twitter quarrel

source: twitter

Lorenz Larkin was scheduled to challenge Luke Rockhold for his Strikeforce" class="Newslink">Strikeforce Middleweight championship on Nov 3. An injury to Rockhold's wrist forced him off the card; shortly thereafter the entire card was scrapped.

The title fight was rescheduled to the Strikeforce Finale in Jan 12. Had Larkin won the title, it would it one sense immediately be gone, but in another sense it would remain in perpetuity. Further, being the champion would presumably help in negotiations with the UFC. However, Larkin will never get the title shot.

Now the same wrist injury failed to heal sufficiently, and has once again forced Rockhold off the card, and with it any chance of a Strikeforce title for Larkin, who reacted bitterly, via Twitter.

Lorenz Larkin @da_MONSOON
@danawhite hey Dana I hurt my right pinky toe guess I can't fight! Wish I started two years before I did so I could have skipped this pussy era.
or can you give me that Black Friday price for the sf belt?

Luke Rockhold @LukeRockhold
I want nothing more than to fight u #EasyMoney but Im not gonna fight anyone one handed. Shut ur mouth and know ur place.

Lorenz Larkin @da_MONSOON
lol #easymoney I didnt think you were that funny and if you were hurt why did you sign the contract? Dickface

Luke Rockhold @LukeRockhold
I never signed it and I never started training for it because I couldn't. Nothing but bullshit out ur mouth


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Frank Gallagher site profile image  

11/26/12 8:02 PM by Frank Gallagher

Kinda odd is Rockhold had been training for Larkin but says he never signed or started training for him. Rockhold sounds like he doesn't wanna fuck up his leverage with the UFC ( not that he has much).

Book4 site profile image  

11/26/12 7:14 PM by Book4

someone post a gif of king mo beating this guys face in please

Book4 site profile image  

11/26/12 7:14 PM by Book4

wth why am i always double posting? ithink my mouse is dying

newjack900 site profile image  

11/26/12 6:08 PM by newjack900

unfortunately for the fans, injuries in MMA have become business decisions. I think if this were a few years ago half these pull-outs wouldnt have happened.

SonofJockstrap site profile image  

11/26/12 3:35 PM by SonofJockstrap

I'll let you bang bro

bornop site profile image  

11/26/12 3:28 PM by bornop

Cung Le vs Larkin

GriffinQ site profile image  

11/26/12 3:20 PM by GriffinQ

You've never seen Rockhold fight

Joe_Drogan420 site profile image  

11/26/12 3:19 PM by Joe_Drogan420

Looks like Larkin has drawn him into a bitter twitter quarrel.

JetSetter site profile image  

11/26/12 3:07 PM by JetSetter

Why would ANY Strikeforce Champion fight on that card and risk their negotiating strength with the UFC?Injuries are accepted in today's MMA so it's easier to just play hurt than to risk future dollars. The whole system has hit a major growing pain.

Sippy Cuppy site profile image  

11/26/12 2:59 PM by Sippy Cuppy

Larkin would've smashed him, it was smart for dude to pull out