GSP getting lessons from JCVD

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Top-3 P4P MMA fighter Anderson Silva has martial arts movie star Shihan Steven "Fritão" Seagal as occasional instructor.

Now top-3 P4P MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre has martial arts movie star Jean Claude Van Damme as occasional instructor, and the Blood Sport star put out the video to prove it.

JCVD.gif" />
This is not the video. This is a creepy gif of JCVD and BFF Fedor Emelianenko. The video is below.

To complete the circle, top-3 P4P fighter Jon Jones needs to get occasional lessons from Chuck Norris.

That would be perfect.

JCVD announced the video via Facebook:
Congratulations for the win, Georges St-Pierre!
This video is dedicated to you, my friend. All the best, always...
- Jean-Claude Van Damme

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EFeeez site profile image  

11/30/12 10:35 PM by EFeeez

Lol. There is one place you have not looked, and it is there, only there, that you shall find the master.

Osbot site profile image  

11/30/12 9:43 PM by Osbot

At this point, it is probably difficult to know how many real fights he had, ammy or otherwise. It was like 30 years ago and I highly doubt every single little competition out of some gym documented everything. It wasn't the 90's where everything could be pretty easily documented through the internet.That said, a lot of these action stars from yesteryear definitely would take a long hard look at making up a professional or amateur career to get some "street cred".

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

11/30/12 7:48 PM by ranier wolfcastle

woops i killed another thread

VanDammage site profile image  

11/29/12 4:40 PM by VanDammage

Pardon my French Canadian but HOLY FUCKIN SHIT this is AWESOME!!!

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

11/29/12 4:24 PM by ranier wolfcastle

jcvd jealous?

Card site profile image  

11/29/12 9:18 AM by Card

“Hi Georges. The memories of our friendship, of a great country and a great city, Montreal, and a great team of people surrounding us, made of love, sports, health, and like I said … friendship.”

KingGo site profile image  

11/28/12 10:46 PM by KingGo


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11/28/12 10:44 PM by Radio Raheem


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11/28/12 3:48 PM by lildragonof


Salokcin69 site profile image  

11/28/12 3:39 PM by Salokcin69

Sweet. Another fucking reason I wouldn't want to fight him. He'd knock me out with some spinning kick, then help me up, embrace me in his arms and wink at me.