Penn credits disparaging tweets for peak form

by Steven Marroco | source:

Penn (16-8-2 MMA, 12-7-2 UFC), who returns to the cage after retiring 13 months ago, has MacDonald (13-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC) to thank for his transformation from unmotivated couch potato to elite athlete.

The former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion, whose legacy has in part been defined by such changeovers, said he planned to "get into shape a little" and give it his best effort against MacDonald, who's widely been characterized as a future champion at 170 pounds.

But when the 23-year-old training partner of welterweight champ and former nemesis Georges St-Pierre made some disparaging tweets about his physique, Penn's mindset changed.

"That really lit a fire under my butt," he said.

Penn rose from the couch and hired the trainer that guided him to standout performances against Jens Pulver, Joe Stevenson and Sean Sherk.

"We took my belly off," he said. "I think the best thing for me was the fight getting postponed."

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chaplinshouse site profile image  

11/28/12 8:17 PM by chaplinshouse

kind of odd that a man that can lose motivation so easily can get motivated so easily.  forget the legacy, money, fans, etc, a tweet by a pimple faced kid got him off the couch. i yi yi.  he should just hire a troll to hound him all day.  walk behind him with a tuba

Stephen Holder site profile image  

11/28/12 6:07 PM by Stephen Holder

Imo it has everything to do with how much Rory McDonalds is making and willing to spend.. If he's got the 'clear' stuff that can't be detected by vada then maybe he wins, maybe not. If not then its going to be obvious that the eyebrow gash was faked so that Rory could give himself time to cycle off and if this is the case it will be obvious b/c bj will smash?him to a maple syrup consistency.

disbeliever site profile image  

11/28/12 12:07 PM by disbeliever

I am of the mind set that all of BJ's most recent losses were of his own fault.The first GSP fight was very close, but BJ lacked the cardio and endurance to last past the second round.The Fitch fight was BJ's to win. He dominated Fitch in the first half of the fight and surprised Fitch with his wrestling/BJJ game plan. Then he ran out of gas and got dominated in the 3rd while he just laid there.The first Frankie Edgar fight was lost due to not taking Frankie seriously enough.The second fight with Edgar was (imo) even worse because BJ knew exactly what Edgar was going to do, and spent another 25 minutes trying to chase him down with boxing only. The one time Penn used his wrestling and size against Edgar in the second fight he took him down and got top position. Despite that success, he abandoned the wrestling and went back to trying to box the rest of the fight, despite having 8 rounds telling him he was not faster than Edgar.It was like BJ had something to prove by trying to KO Edgar, when it was clear over 8 rounds that plan would not work. If he had the cardio to use his underrated wrestling more, and mix things up, I really believe he would be the LW champion again.His boxing and BJJ and wrestling are great, I don't think it would be a bad thing to just work 90% on conditioning with the Marinoviches again. And since BJ seems intent to stay at WW, where he is vastly under sized and gets out muscled, having extra cardio would only be a good thing.IMO anyway

Tilla site profile image  

11/28/12 10:47 AM by Tilla

Is BJ with the Marinoviches then?

Gooner H Smith site profile image  

11/28/12 10:44 AM by Gooner H Smith

And yeah pretty much. Which I dont think is a horrible plan for him. Its not like he was going to vastly improve on his skillset and has never had any problem in the cage other than his conditioning failing him. That and maybe his refusal to go to plan B once plan A has not worked.

Gooner H Smith site profile image  

11/28/12 10:42 AM by Gooner H Smith

I cant remember what his name was but the Marinoviches came in for the Florian/Sanchez fights only iirc.

buckshot44 site profile image  

11/28/12 10:27 AM by buckshot44


DJmixmasterMobbie site profile image  

11/28/12 9:44 AM by DJmixmasterMobbie

Can't wait to see the pre fight stuff for this bout. Will be interesting! TEAM ALOHA

joe canada site profile image  

11/28/12 9:38 AM by joe canada

I'm not a fan of BJ's.I don't like his constant excuses. I don't like how he bitches about close decisions he loses (GSP I), while taking close decisions as obvious decisions (Serra). I don't like how he manages to leapfrog his way in to marquee fights based on his image management instead of his record.That being said, BJ takes this fight over Rory.BJ is one of the UFC's best first round fighters of any weight class. Give him the first round. Give Rory the third if it goes that far, as BJ tends to fade in the second. So it comes down to who wins the second, if it goes to decision.If it doesn't go to decision, it comes down to who has more stopping power. BJ is much more likely to stop Rory with strikes or subs than Rory is to stop BJ. I don't think rory has heavy enough hands to test BJ's chin, and I haven't seen anything from Rory that would lead me to believe BJ can't stop him if he catches him right and follows up.So my heart's with Rory, but my money's with BJ.

disbeliever site profile image  

11/28/12 9:36 AM by disbeliever

He was in fantastic cardio shape with them. Wasn't his reason for leaving them that they didn't want BJ to focus on anything other than conditioning?