Anderson Silva's doctor says drop to 170 would be 'a crime'

by Eduardo Cruz | source: fightersonlymagazine

UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre said that a condition for a superfight with UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is that the fight take place at his home weight of 170.

That has provoked Anderson’s personal physician, who says it would be ‘criminal’ to try and get his fighter down to that weight.

“It would be a crime for Anderson to try and fight at 77kg," said the doctor. "He could maybe make the weight but the physical loss that he would suffer would be too much."

“We have to respect St. Pierre, who besides being a great fighter is a monster physically. The Canadian would get a considerable conditioning advantage if they fought at welterweight division limits.”

“For me this fight should happen at 80kg (176 lbs), since that would already be a sacrifice for Anderson. It would be his first shot at this weight and we would have to implement a very specific work for him to be able to perform at 100% of his capacity."

“Currently Anderson has been weighing 92-94kg (203-207) because he’s been thinking about this dropping weight to take GSP on. Anderson losing 3gk and St-Pierre going up 3kg would be more fair for both of them and for the public, who would watch a great fight.”

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D241 site profile image  

11/30/12 9:16 AM by D241

Only because Hocky is one of if not THE funniest UG member here, I figured there was comedy in his post.   Kenny Loggins=   Funny UGers like 2Jupiters2many and Hocky Balboa  bring Genesis(I Can't Dance) and Kenny Loggins references.   (Hocky, listening to the song on youtube now as I prepare to embed it-oh m god, this song was in so many 80's movies lol)

TeePeeHaych site profile image  

11/30/12 8:48 AM by TeePeeHaych

Why would ANYONE want to see this fight contested at 170? It would completely deplete Anderson who is naturally a big dude. If this fight happens, it should happen at 176 which is fair to both fighters. We're fans of the sport right? These are two of the best in the world and we would want to see them perform so if they were ever to fight each other. Asking Anderson to drop 9 pounds and asking GSP to put on 6 pounds seems MORE than fair in respect of both their legacies. It's one thing when GSP is manhandling a smaller Penn but when he's put in the position to fight a weight class up than his natural, it's "oh this" and "oh that". I love both Georges and Anderson but either say no or take the fight, enough excuses.

Osbot site profile image  

11/29/12 10:12 AM by Osbot

Is that Eddie Bravo?!

Lazer MMA site profile image  

11/29/12 8:21 AM by Lazer MMA

First as always please address me with civil tongue. TY Did you miss this AS quote? AS: "I think [GSP] would be a great challenge for me. I prefer him over Jon Jones. He's smaller. It'll be a little bit easier. I'll be hit less."Read more at you don't get it even now after reading this? Why AS fans don't get they need to STFU forever in terms of picking fights after this quote is directly tied to mental capacity IMO.The quote illustrates the true on going sentiment and philosophy the man has always had. This is why he never fought the best (Page, Shogun etc.) when they were the best at LHW. It was not about belts and teammates or any excuse at all other that the truth per AS himself above.Yes he said they may fight after taking a lot of shit for saying "he never wants to fight JBJ" and that they would not fight several times too. Hell the last time AS said he wants 30 percent of the UFC for the fight LOL! All this after JBJ said from the get go in Gracie Mag. that he wants the fight. Then AS called them friends and even JBJ backed off the smaller guy.AS can fight who he wants and I'm no real fan of GSP or AS but I'm tired of GSP being called a coward. Yes I lost lost respect for him long ago for not moving up to fight the best but AS has always been in that same boat while cutting to fight in a very weak forever MW division (not weak any more IMO BTW).I'm not trying to start something, I want it ended by posters killing GSP. You know I get defensive when fighters are attacked and for AS fans to attack GSP in light of the quote above is the height of Hypocrisy. The fact is IMO it's better than 80 percent there will be NO superfight next year at all. Can we let it go? GSP wants none (AS) and AS wants none (JBJ). Cool let them defend (hopefully real challengers and not Sonnen at LHW moving forward).

Nucky site profile image  

11/28/12 7:53 PM by Nucky

This is a superfight meaning they should meet in the middle you guys ever watch boxing?  the difference in weight is fucking 5 pounds if they meet in the middle...My god you guys act like Silva is a HW and asking GSP to make LHW to fight him...   If Anderson made 170 dana already said GSP's belt wouldn't even be on the line so why would he even consider making 170?!?!   Ok im out of this thread its obvious its a Pro GSP thread no debate just vote downs for anyone not saying Anderson should make 170 or stfu...sad.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

11/28/12 7:43 PM by Proteus The Invincible

GSP isn't the one who wants this fight, so it's not up to him to move to a higher weight, even if it's a catch weight. Anderson, as the challenger, has the responsibility of meeting GSP at 170.

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

11/28/12 7:20 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

Dana won't allow a dual champion. They wouldn't fight for the belt.   This is ludacris. Who would take GSP's "belt" seriously if he lost, at 170 pounds, to Silva???   It would be like Bellator where the champ can LOSE a fight at his weight but still be the "champ"....

Akston site profile image  

11/28/12 7:19 PM by Akston

Silva could say they have to fight at heavyweight and he has earned that. He could tell gsp they have to meet at 265 pounds and he deserves it. War Silva against anyone.

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

11/28/12 7:18 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

Why is that? Anderson said "Combat can happen" and said that if Dana/UFC want that fight, he fights.    

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

11/28/12 7:17 PM by ChokeEmOut

180 way Silva makes 170lbs