Anderson Silva shines on kung-fu dummy

source: andregalvao

While Anderson Silva has a black belt in BJJ, and extraordinary Muay Thai, he is also known for having a broad background in various martial arts, including, apparently, kung fu.

BBJ great Andre Galvão and his student Liera Jr recently journeyed to LA to visit Silva. During the trip, The Spider demonstrated his skills on the Mook Jong.

The Mook Jong. or Kung Fu dummy, is used in Chinese martial arts training. Use of the device is most prevalent in Wing Chun and other Southern Chinese kung fu. In addition, its use has been adopted by some Jeet Kune Do practitioners.


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Sippy Cuppy site profile image  

12/2/12 7:52 AM by Sippy Cuppy


Kimbos Lice site profile image  

12/2/12 12:07 AM by Kimbos Lice

What gets me is the title to the video. Anderson seems to know enough about how it looks like to train on a wooden dummy, but that's it. It was very sloppy. He was more just slapping the arms. There are plenty of people that can utilize a wooden dummy. Anderson is far from that.

irishman84 site profile image  

12/1/12 11:56 PM by irishman84

"that device" = perfect lol. Like some garbage they'd sell on QVC

Majic Sam site profile image  

12/1/12 9:52 PM by Majic Sam

Anybody interested in purchasing a WC/JKD dummy,check out the Great Lion dummy co.Sifu Clark Thorton is the Tesla of dummy builders.Made in Atlanta,Georgia.

herculestex1 site profile image  

12/1/12 8:58 PM by herculestex1

i'm a spider fan, he's just messing around with the dummy. i do love the use of the dummy however

MGSPrim3 site profile image  

12/1/12 5:04 PM by MGSPrim3

Yea, Im a Spider fan, and that was good, but you can tell he's still working at it.

hockey fighter site profile image  

12/1/12 3:34 PM by hockey fighter

He can't suck at fighting.He can't suck at anything in life.There's 2 for ya....

MattyECB site profile image  

12/1/12 3:30 PM by MattyECB

Well no shit a strictly TMA-trained guy could do this better, I have a friend who does wing-chun and he could do a better job, but that's not the point. AS is just messing around and has probably had a few ppl show him the before, still pretty badass that he can do this on the spot!He's a MT/MMA guy, not some kata practicing dojo man

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

12/1/12 2:34 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Seafood gives me gas, no thanks.

FatBuddha site profile image  

12/1/12 2:10 PM by FatBuddha

The best Wing Chun teacher and fighter imo is Sifu Eddie Camden (Sifu Francis Fong's top student).