Dominick Cruz chokes back tears, 'guarantees' return

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UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz was a guest recently on UFC Tonight and discussed reinjuring his knee, which required a second surgery.

"I was doing everything I was allowed to do," said Cruz. "I was on a good comeback. I was right on schedule according to the doctors... I was training and I found out the hard waa that a cadaver tendon wasn't as strong as it shoukd have beeen. It didn't take to my body the way it should have - it got weak, and then the cadaver tendon failed.

"I was in my brace when the injury occured."

"I was going in with a guy I was training with many times. And we were moving, we were doing 50% movement drills with each other where basically working with each other shadow boxing. And on the mat that I was on, with my brace, I don't know man, I was moving, and I went to hit a pivot, and the tissue just popped."

"I had some thoughts like, 'no way this happened just moving', because I've done so much more than that in PT with my PT guy. I was shocked that it happened and it just popped."

"I'm having my few days of crybaby time per-se. I've allowed myself to be mad and be sad, you know, you go through the, 'why me stage?' What's the point, you know?"

"If the fans can know how much it helps me, they'll know right now. Thank you guys so much. I do this for you guys. I'm in a hurt spot right now, and the love that I get from the fans right now is really keeping me up and keeping me optimistic,"

"My glass is half full right now because the fans have my back. They want to see me back and that means everything to me. This is the toughest thing that I have been through. And I'm completely heartbroken to let down the people who wanted to see me fight, to let down the UFC and to let down anyone in the Bantamweight division. I'll be back. I'm not done. That's a promise, a guarantee."


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Evzey site profile image  

12/5/12 4:59 PM by Evzey

Hope he can come back at 100%

PrettyBoy site profile image  

12/5/12 4:08 PM by PrettyBoy

Must be a horrible place to be in. Sucks. I wish him the best.

OhNo site profile image  

12/5/12 2:33 PM by OhNo

he chose a cadaver because it is the quickest to recover from. his other options is to get a graft from the patella OR he could of had a hamstring graft. I don't understand why he doesn't talk about the hamstring graft, as it is the most successful. It's downside is that it takes longer to recover from and you now have to rehab the hamstring as well. anyways, good luck to him on his recovery.

DojoJay site profile image  

12/5/12 1:27 PM by DojoJay

TTT for Dom's recovery

Stephen Eakin site profile image  

12/5/12 12:56 PM by Stephen Eakin

They take part of your tendon and graft it in there. Not sure the exact tendon name.

Stephen Eakin site profile image  

12/5/12 12:56 PM by Stephen Eakin

Patellar Tendon Graft

Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku site profile image  

12/5/12 11:58 AM by Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku


chawkins site profile image  

12/5/12 11:52 AM by chawkins

Supposedly that's the best way to replace a ruined ligament, with an actual ligament from another human being.What I'm not sure is, what do they replace that with if the cadaver ligament doesn't take? Do they stable a synthetic ligament into your knee? Do they take a ligament from another part of your body and then you just have to go without a ligament somewhere else?Does anybody know how this stuff works?

Michael Kn1ght site profile image  

12/5/12 11:43 AM by Michael Kn1ght

Hope all goes well for ya my dude.

Bwatermyfren site profile image  

12/5/12 11:41 AM by Bwatermyfren

I feel so bad for the dude!!!Injuries are such a cunt!!!Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.