It's time for Bruce Buffer's It's Time app!

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Bruce Buffer@brucebuffer
AND NOW - ITUNES has officially released my new APP called "BRUCE BUFFER - IT'S TIME!" for all to DOWNLOAD! Have Fun & Check it out. Cheers!


Bruce Buffer It's Time®

App descriptin:
Bruce Buffer It's Time® is the official alarm clock app from the Voice of the Octagon. Use your iPhone or iPad to channel the voice of Bruce Buffer to ensure that you never miss a birthday, holiday or appointment again.

Features include:
•Over 150 sayings from Bruce Buffer for any occasion
•Alarm Clock, supporting multiple alarms
•Reminder feature
•Countdown timer

As an added bonus, stay motivated with the "Spin the Buffer" game, featuring additional inspiration

DOWNLOAD NOW for iPhone or iPad

Droid coming in 2013!


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TexasBadAss site profile image  

12/8/12 7:30 PM by TexasBadAss

I do not care what anybody says. 99 cents for buffer to call out its condom time is worth it to me. I thought it would just be the one it's time but he does tons of different ones. You cheap bastards get your money's worth.

Carl Sonnen site profile image  

12/8/12 6:30 PM by Carl Sonnen

I've always thought of Bruce more as the Mini-Me to his brother's full on announcing persona. Bruce is like Kuato, and he should pop out of Michael's chest to announce fights, his grotesque visage spinning in the shirt while screaming "It's Time." Now that, I would buy.

nick diaz nut hugger site profile image  

12/8/12 5:09 PM by nick diaz nut hugger

When they make the app for people with real phones, I'll be back to comment on it

sickdarce site profile image  

12/8/12 5:00 PM by sickdarce

Easily amused much?

Warriormmd site profile image  

12/8/12 4:39 PM by Warriormmd

Hahaha omg "it's time! To put a helmet on that soldier!" Favorite one so far

TopGrinder site profile image  

12/8/12 4:08 PM by TopGrinder

Can't believe this thing costs money

SelfRespect site profile image  

12/8/12 4:01 PM by SelfRespect

I looked for a Buffer soundboard, this was all I could find. Still... fun to have him say "it's time" repeatedly until my wife starts screaming at me.

Loser Born Natural site profile image  

12/8/12 3:59 PM by Loser Born Natural

Got it. Will play later.

Kirik site profile image  

12/8/12 3:35 PM by Kirik

I just cracked up the entire fam with calls for tea time, get out of bed, mother in law love, feed the kids, etc

hankatron site profile image  

12/8/12 3:35 PM by hankatron

It's condom tiiiime!!!!