Dana White: Media, fans don't grasp how great Anderson Silva is

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly

Anderson Silva has won 16 fights in the UFC in a row, he has the most successful number of title defenses in UFC history, and will move up in weight division if asked to. However, UFC president Dana White doesn't think fans and the media understand how great The Spider truly is.“

"Anderson Silva is so far the best fighter in the world, f------ pound-for-pound, they ought to make a whole other list for him," said White. "I don’t know what you call it, but he should be on that list. That’s how good this guy is."

“This guy is 38 years old and still performing at the level. Bonnar went the distance with Jon Jones and he said to me after his fight with Anderson Silva, he was in total shock. Not to mention the fact that we find out (Bonnar) was on steroids."

“He’s on steroids. He’s already the bigger, stronger guy. Anderson Silva has 36 days to prepare for that fight. He f------ annihilated him. So after the fight, he says to me, ‘That guy lives in the Matrix. Nobody’s ever done that to me in my life. I felt like I never fought a day in my life when I went in there with this guy.’”

“That’s how good Anderson Silva is. I feel like the media and the fans don’t grasp it, don’t get it as much as I do."

“The day that that guy comes around and says I’d like to retire, it’s gonna bum me the f--- out.”

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12/11/12 8:13 PM by unique_devil


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12/11/12 7:59 PM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane


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12/11/12 7:58 PM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane


Gooner H Smith site profile image  

12/11/12 6:52 PM by Gooner H Smith

Certainly looks that way sometimes.

Stan Dan Wang site profile image  

12/11/12 6:31 PM by Stan Dan Wang

he's had metal implanted in his hands.

Mexican Janitor site profile image  

12/11/12 6:26 PM by Mexican Janitor

I hope GSP doesn't see this...eek!

YourJesus site profile image  

12/11/12 6:10 PM by YourJesus

of course his camp "leaked" this info.Wow, a camp of a losing fighter making excuses for why their guy lost, incredible!Think about how Fedor lost that fight to Hendo. It wasn't bc of lack of power or speed (fedor knocked Hendo to the ground due to his power and speed in his 2nd blitz). He lost bc Hendo wasn't a tire installer like Brett Rogers, and has an incredible chin. He also lost bc Hendo used his wrestling to get an amazing angle to uppercut KO Fedor. It was a weird angle and Fedor was not expecting it. Has more to do with Hendo's exceptional skill than Fedor's lack of skill.

YourJesus site profile image  

12/11/12 6:04 PM by YourJesus

I have to run, but check out Fedor when he fought Hendo and and tell me Fedor does not look the same in his blitzes.It's an excuse. And yes Crocop in his 2007 UFC run and early 2nd run looked the same as 2004 Crocop.Wandy, I will give you that. He does look different, namely due to his facial reconstruction and his lack of mass due to not roiding. Does Rampage look worse in the UFC compared to Pride? Nope, his boxing is actually much tighter and technical.Of all the Pride guys, Shogun looks the worst due to his cardio and no longer using his knees (for obvious reasons). There is a great example of someone changing his style. Fedor had the same exact style when he went on his losing streak, and only changed it up when he fought Monsoon. Having said that, Pride Shogun still has nothing for Jones.

Billy Joe Rottoncrotch site profile image  

12/11/12 5:15 PM by Billy Joe Rottoncrotch

I disagree.Pedro Rizzo, god bless him, makes anyone look fast these days.

Goderson Silva site profile image  

12/11/12 5:10 PM by Goderson Silva

Nope them three don't but the video i shown Fedor looks the exact same.