Nate Diaz: I was 'screwed' after eye punch

source: mmamania

"I didn't perform the way I wish I could have," said Nate Diaz at the the UFC on FOX 5 post-fight press conference. "I got a punch in the eye pretty early in the fight and things were blurry. They never came back. I was waiting for it to recover, and when it did I was going to come back strong. But it never did.

"Ben did great. He landed the good shot early. It was blurry. I was screwed. If I would have tried to get up with anything, or tried to aggress too hard, I think things could've gotten worse.

"Like I said, I was trying to wait for the eye to recover, until I could see straight. Because I knew it was coming back and I knew I was going to come back strong from it, but I never did. I ran out of time with it, and it sucks.

"But whatever, that's what happens."

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MdGeist site profile image  

12/11/12 1:13 AM by MdGeist

I didn't know Benson had fought Shinya Aoki before

Leghound site profile image  

12/11/12 1:10 AM by Leghound

That genshi gif deserves it's own thread. Seriously well done genshi

GSP'eedInMyMouth site profile image  

12/10/12 11:27 PM by GSP'eedInMyMouth

that picture is real to me, dammit.

Haulport site profile image  

12/10/12 10:55 PM by Haulport

LOL @ the toothpick!!!

sniper1026 site profile image  

12/10/12 10:51 PM by sniper1026

F'ing iPad!

sniper1026 site profile image  

12/10/12 10:50 PM by sniper1026

How old are these retards?The minds of children in grown men!Special Ed, Forest Gumption motherf0ckers!

BshMstr site profile image  

12/10/12 10:50 PM by BshMstr

Yup.Bendo had a great strategy, and the patience to implement it...Diaz is in a weird spot....he needs to add some strength and explosiveness, but at the same time, he can't cut much more weight. if he had the time (like a year), he would prolly be better off in the long term by making the jump back to 170 and adding some quality weight...

Katsumoto site profile image  

12/10/12 10:45 PM by Katsumoto

BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! damn, i haven't laughed so hard in a long time!thanks for that. genius.

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

12/10/12 10:42 PM by KZTT_W85

Nate is a stud and will be at the top of the division for a time to come.But if he wants to be the champ of the division some changes need to be made. No hate, it is what it is. I don't know why people are getting upset over all this....

cheesesteak site profile image  

12/10/12 10:35 PM by cheesesteak

Another miss leading headline....