Hendricks: GSP trying to stay away from me

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"I think that he’s trying to stay away from me," he said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "What other reason is there? I tried to analyze it every which way. He said because [Diaz] talked trash. Who cares? I work out with guys that talk trash to me every day. People do talk trash and it’s all fun and games. Who cares what somebody says over the internet or to your face? You fight to prove your worthiness. That’s the way I look at it, and I feel I proved I can go with GSP, and that I should go with GSP, and here he is keeping me out of that."

What angers Hendricks the most is that while Diaz has been serving his suspension, he has fought twice against tip-top competition, beating Josh Koscheck and Martin Kampmann. And ultimately, his hard work and success may not matter.

"More or less, I thought my heart got ripped out of me," he said. "I go out there and I try to do so much to prove I am the one who should fight GSP and GSP takes it away from me. All it's doing is giving me more drive to want to fight him."

"We fight every day and we fight to be our best every night that we have a fight to get this chance," he said. "Here I am, I know I’m the no. 1 contender. I know this. So, anything less is not a disrespect to anybody else, but you see the end of the tunnel, and then someone sends you a curveball, to send you off route ..."

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HandyDarsh site profile image  

12/11/12 9:32 PM by HandyDarsh

this, actually.

BackfromtheDead site profile image  

12/11/12 9:23 PM by BackfromtheDead

I think he should fight one more time before he fight Hendriks.But think it would be good fight.He wants Diaz because he called him out long time ago.

KKM site profile image  

12/11/12 4:58 PM by KKM

Diaz would smash hendricks

sitchpack site profile image  

12/11/12 4:33 PM by sitchpack

Hendricks is a joke.

Kentpaul site profile image  

12/11/12 4:30 PM by Kentpaul

I cant decide who annoys me most Weidman or Hendricks because there constant whiny bitch routine really grates on me

CindyO site profile image  

12/11/12 3:11 PM by CindyO

SOOOOO VTFU. You have to MAKE fans care about you and the way he is trying to do it right now is annoying and off-putting, IMO.   Cindy    

StruggleSnuggles site profile image  

12/11/12 2:10 PM by StruggleSnuggles

You mean the line he left when he didn't make the presser? Or the line that left him with a loss against Condit followed by a year suspension for another failed drug test?

sleepybear70 site profile image  

12/11/12 1:06 PM by sleepybear70

good post!!!

sacredhate site profile image  

12/11/12 12:59 PM by sacredhate

who does Hendricks think his message will resonate with?not Dana because GSP is still his top money maker and he can sense the GSP vs Silva superfight is close to being a reality.If you take all the mma fans and executives and force them to vote on which fight is likely to make more money, and which one they want to see more...they are going to vote GSP vs. Diaz.GSP fans will want to support GSP.Diaz fans are dying to support him and want this fight.who is left to support Hendricks? people that feel like only one credible contender can exist at a given time and title shots are managed like a grocery store checkout line?I really don't get who Johny thought he'd be heard by? GSP or Dana to change their minds? I just don't get it.

jimbonice site profile image  

12/11/12 12:53 PM by jimbonice

This. What perspective does Hendrick's posses where he believes GSP is ducking him? Diaz was in line long before him.