Scott Jorgensen's extreme Vitiligo solution

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When Scott Jorgensen stepped onto the scales last Friday, alert fans on the UG noticed a couple of changes. One, he had some new ink on his chest. And, two, his vitiligo, or, as an astute UGer put it "speckled with awesome," appeared to have disappeared.

Vitiligo (pronounced vit-ill-EYE-go) is a disorder in which the cells that make pigment in the skin are destroyed. As a result, white patches appear on the skin.

Between one to two million people in the USA have the disorder. The cause is unknown.

This image was take in June of 2011, at UFC 131.

This image was taken Friday.

It figures that a fighter's response to a disease would be extreme. Ben Fowlkes has the story.

Scott Jorgensen's vitiligo condition is especially pronounced in the places where he was repeatedly grabbed during college wrestling and MMA training. He didn't care enough about aesthetics to stop training because of it, but when he was a junior in college, his mother fought with her insurance company to get them to cover a laser treatment that was supposed to help it.

"I went once, and it was worse than getting tattooed," Jorgensen said.

From that point on he figured he'd just live with it, but doctors had told him he had a particularly aggressive case of vitiligo. Turns out they were right, Jorgensen said, because now it "pretty much just took over."

That's why when Jorgensen came out there were no more splotches. His skin seemed to have gone completely pale, which left some people wondering if he'd sought medical treatment for it. In fact, Jorgensen said, he'd done the opposite, simply allowing the vitiligo to run rampant. The upside was that it made his many tattoos appear that much brighter, because "literally I have no pigment in my skin, so it's like coloring on a white piece of paper."

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Jorgensen, who was on a two-fight losing streak, and likely faced release had he lost Saturday night, instead shone brightly. In defeating John Albert, he earned both Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night performance bonuses, a total of $130,000, plus his show money, win money, and sponsorships.


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rrg1 site profile image  

12/13/12 2:51 PM by rrg1

lol @ Joe in the 2nd pic. Joe is a curious animal.

J_Swift site profile image  

12/13/12 2:30 PM by J_Swift

As in, he looks the same color all over instead of left with patches.

New Leaf 1.0 site profile image  

12/12/12 6:16 PM by New Leaf 1.0

It doesn't sound condescending at all, quite the opposite actually. I have a neurological condition that makes my hands shake. I'm fine with it, and my life is awesome, truly awesome, but I would be happy as fuck about having it go away too. I'd also be happy if I wasn't bald and had a better jawline. I imagine people would be happy for me if any of those things happened and there wouldn't be anything condescending about it.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

12/12/12 9:34 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

Well, if he went out of his way to get treatment for it, clearly something he desired, then why shouldn't people be happy for him? It was probably something that he didn't want to talk about.I think you need to re-think your post, very silly indeed.

CHILLITACO site profile image  

12/12/12 7:31 AM by CHILLITACO

Same, I'm glad he's happy though that's important :-)

CaptChaos site profile image  

12/12/12 6:22 AM by CaptChaos

I don't think anyone means any harm by saying "good for him." With that said I think he looks great!

Jack Carter site profile image  

12/11/12 10:57 PM by Jack Carter

What is this "good for him" nonsense?Do you guys realize how condescending that is? It's not like he's a burn victim finally going out in public. The guy is FINE with vitiligo. If he bleached his skin, it's just to get rid of the last of it. He doesn't need "good for you bro! I hope you're finally happy that you no longer look the way you used to!"

easymfe site profile image  

12/11/12 10:28 PM by easymfe

Bleach IMO. He looks great as always. Good for him.

Jack Carter site profile image  

12/11/12 6:09 PM by Jack Carter

Sorry bro, I can''t make it any more simple than I already have.    

MountainMedic site profile image  

12/11/12 6:07 PM by MountainMedic

Ive seen it before, never paid any thought honestly. I really did think he had been scalded as a young kid. I see THAT alot. When they're real young its amazing how we'll they heal & basically look like JorgensonIll do my homework tomorrow when im on duty. One more thing I didn't know.