White pays Lauzon $6,000 bet for submissions of Nick the Tooth

source: mmasucka.com

Fighters step inside the octagon hoping to win their respective bouts so they can get some bonus money and a hefty fight purse.

Joe Lauzon wasn’t on this past Saturday’s UFC on FOX 5 fight card, however he stepped inside the octagon and walked away with $6,000 in bonus money.

The Boston native was in Seattle, Washington to corner his training partner Joe Proctor, but prior to the FOX card he had an exhibition grappling match against Nick “The Tooth” who is a friend of UFC President Dana White. White offered Lauzon $1000 for every time he could submit Nick and Nick $2500 for every time he could submit Lauzon.

Lauzon explained the story on this weeks episode of MMASucka Radio.

“I got in a grappling match in the cage with Nick The Tooth. He’s actually a friend of Dana’s. It’s actually going to be in one of Dana’s video blogs coming up pretty quick here. Basically, the premise was that every time I submitted Nick, I got $1000 and if Nick could submit me then he got $2,500. So, I had three minutes to grapple with him and I banged out six submissions. So, I had a very good weekend.”

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Nick 'The Tooth'

Nick the Tooth


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steveahmed site profile image  

12/16/12 8:02 PM by steveahmed

i've seen that dude on tv, taking pictures during the fights

BrCutter site profile image  

12/14/12 7:05 PM by BrCutter

subd/can't wait.  lol.  Love the vlogs. 

Loser Born Natural site profile image  

12/14/12 1:18 PM by Loser Born Natural

Awesome. Cannot wait to see this.

ufcman187 site profile image  

12/14/12 11:27 AM by ufcman187

Jason Miller, eat your heart out. lol

8flat site profile image  

12/14/12 11:13 AM by 8flat

This whole thing is full of win.

disbeliever site profile image  

12/14/12 9:29 AM by disbeliever

As far as I remember he was going to box Tito. Trained for it, and Tito no showed

cvroy21 site profile image  

12/14/12 7:59 AM by cvroy21

Yo Dana!  Please post the full 3 min fight unedited.  Thanks.  Thanks for the free awesome fights last weekend too.  

stayrad site profile image  

12/13/12 7:39 PM by stayrad

Hope it's unedited

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

12/13/12 7:22 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

This.   LMAO@ Dana putting together a grappling match to squash a silly drunken beef. Sounds like good times. Wish I coulda seen it.   DANA: Are you posting the full 3 minutes for us or will it be edited?

Kostakio site profile image  

12/13/12 7:05 PM by Kostakio