Union goon challenged to MMA fight

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Earlier this week, pro-union protesters assaulted conservative Fox News contributor Steven Crowder at a rally against Michigan's right-to-work legislation. Hours later, Crowder went on Fox's "Hannity" show, and challenged his attacker to step forward. As an enticement, he offered jail or an MMA match.

"You can come forward, I'll press charges, you'll go to jail," Crowder said. "Or, since you wanted to cheap-shot me, we can host a bout in a sanctioned, legalized MMA competition."

Referencing the fund that has been set up to find the perpetrator, Crowder said the winner of the fight could donate the money to the charity or union of his choice.

"Face me like a man," said Crowder, who added that that he was "easy to find."

The union official who sucker punched Crowder has been identified by the name on his jacket. His name is Tony Camargo, a member of the IBEW local is 876, Grand Rapids, MI.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed the right-to-work bills into law on Tuesday.   



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Ya Mon site profile image  

12/16/12 3:21 AM by Ya Mon


YonYones site profile image  

12/16/12 2:56 AM by YonYones

Props. I'd love to see this happen and be surprised by some sick "Crowd-thai"

oduibhir site profile image  

12/15/12 5:23 PM by oduibhir

Really? There's not a single auto manufacturing job left in Michigan? Are you sure about that? And regarding GM, I'm pretty certain that earlier this year their CEO was crying to the government that his $7.7 million isn't enough, and that he should be getting paid more, in addition to complaining about limits on bonuses to executives. So they must be doing pretty good financially, or else where would that money be coming from? You're right about unsustainable wages and benefits, but pointing the finger at the wrong folks. Oh, and FYI, in the United States there is no such thing as a "non union" state. There are right to work states, but no non union states. But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good argument.

greenbeard site profile image  

12/15/12 3:52 PM by greenbeard

Cough he edited the video cough

ThatPissCouldaBeenDigital site profile image  

12/15/12 2:29 PM by ThatPissCouldaBeenDigital

And just in case people didn't know, all local unions collective-bargain with contractors in the jurisdiction that they man. Therefore, IBEW local 3 has a different agreement than IBEW local 317, local 25(Long Island), local 1(St. Louis), or any other local for that matter. One also has to note the differences between skilled trade unions (electricians, carpenters, steamfitters, plumbers, ironworkers, lathers, etc.), idustrial unions (teamsters, autoworkers, manufacturers) and municipal unions (state & federal workers). They all have vastly different pay, medical and retirement benefit structures. So when people offer union stories cast in a negative light, it is fundamentally wrong to lump us all together in one big pot. As another poster stated, there has to be a happy medium. That is what collective bargaining is all about. Take that away from us and we might as well go back to the days of company towns.

ThatPissCouldaBeenDigital site profile image  

12/15/12 2:15 PM by ThatPissCouldaBeenDigital

Not all unions are like that. When I was out of work for 9 months last year, any funds I received to supplement NY state unemployment came from money earmarked for just such circumstances as per our collective bargaining agreement. Because that money came from my own funds, I was paying myself. As for medical benefits, my union hall has a medical department equipped for optical, radiology, proctology, ob/gyn, regular checkups, etc.; all of which comes from members dues. Although money-wise I was fucked (the aforementioned funds are not inexhaustible), at least I didn't have to pony up for medical bills because I didn't have insurance.

DojoJay site profile image  

12/15/12 1:29 PM by DojoJay

Just  quick union anecdote... A good friend of mine worked for GM for about 7-8 years, and it wasn't uncommon for him to get laid off for 6 and 7 months at a time, all the whle collecting full bennies, 80% pay, bonuses (HTF does THAT work?), and scheduled increases... Paying people to be non-productive is not a good business model under any circumstances.

shootfightermike site profile image  

12/15/12 1:27 PM by shootfightermike

ttt for the fat guys response

ThatPissCouldaBeenDigital site profile image  

12/15/12 1:17 PM by ThatPissCouldaBeenDigital

As an IBEW electrician I'm quite happy to pay approximately $450.00 per year in union dues when the alternative is to perform the same work for about 75% less in wages and benefits.

xxxgrappler site profile image  

12/15/12 11:16 AM by xxxgrappler

Hey Crowder, I will fight you. Seems to me he is an old man and you pushed him first. So you got what you deserved. Im a member of IBEW Local 317 and I have no problem fighting you for him. So this is your call out buddy. Right to work states are good for 2 things; low wages and illegal aliens. Lets go Crowder Im not hiding.