Hendricks: GSP scared, wants me to lose

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com

MMAFighting.com asked Hendricks how the UFC convinced him to take the fight, and the welterweight contender, who initially threatened to wait on the sidelines until he was granted a title shot, jokingly wrote via text message, "They made me I guess lol."

He went on to say that his manager dealt with the UFC in putting the fight together and that his mindset going into the welterweight bout is clear and focused.

"(I) just have to win and GSP has nowhere to hide from me.

"Man, he's scared. That's why he wants me to keep fighting because maybe I'll lose and then he won't have to retire (before fighting me)."

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sitchpack site profile image  

12/17/12 5:22 PM by sitchpack

A lot of hurt butts in this thread.Yall are mad Diaz has a shot, regardless of who is waiting in line. Your tears are delicious.

MuchRespec' site profile image  

12/17/12 5:20 PM by MuchRespec'

I support Big Rig here, he got fucked.

chawkins site profile image  

12/17/12 5:17 PM by chawkins

I'm not sure if Hendricks is Chael-ing or if he's Big Country-ing.If he's Chael-ing, he's doing it wrong. He needs to be more funny and outrageous.If he's Big Country-ing, he's on the right track to alienating people who would otherwise be his fans, what with the paranoid accusations of ducking & being scared and whatnot.He's got a solid case for a title shot, but the timing is not working out well for him, what with GSP a) being freshly back from injury leave, and b) having unfinished business with another fighter, for whom he was training when he got injured.Shitty timing, for certain. Hendricks needs to stop crying about it, stop hurling accusations, and keep putting the stamp on kids. He'll get his shot for sure if he can do this.

GtheMVP site profile image  

12/17/12 10:08 AM by GtheMVP

STFU Hendricks! This guy's becoming the new Roy Nelson, annoying as hell!Win your next fight Johnny and maybe you'll be worth giving a title shot too, this is a business as much as it's a sport.Stepping away from myself, I can see Hendricks taking the Sonnen approach here, however, somethging aobut him is rubbing me the wrong way, so I don't know if this is just a tactic.Either way, I'd rather GSP/Diaz before Hendricks gets in there.

MAG site profile image  

12/17/12 7:21 AM by MAG

"nobody was talking about GSP/Hendricks 6 months ago. He acts like he has been waiting for years " - ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun I couldnt agree more. Not to mention GSP just came back from an injury and fought the interim champ - Condit since his return. Hendricks has officially been waiting how long? A month since the Condit fight?This constitutes ducking?I never thought I'd say this - but I think there is now a fighter I like less than JBJ (outside the ring).I know he's trying to secure his spot - but he is trying too hard and the wrong way. All he has to do is keep making him self relevant by winning fights and he will get his shot. Every single fighter who has been deserving of a fight has gotten it (regardless of weight class) . That's a fact. This isn't boxing - so they all got it in relatively shirt time frame (ie: not years of being number 1 contender).He needs to sit down.

MAG site profile image  

12/17/12 7:14 AM by MAG


Ya Mon site profile image  

12/17/12 6:57 AM by Ya Mon

Ha ha ha ha

LBH_RN site profile image  

12/17/12 1:02 AM by LBH_RN

I would rather have seen Diaz/Rory and Hendricks/GSP. I know its business, but for gods sake have SOME honor.

Bipolar site profile image  

12/16/12 10:48 PM by Bipolar

Can't stand Hendricks. Dude jumps around after his fights like some bug-eyed 4th grade doofus who just caught a glimps of his teacher's bra. Freakin cringe-worthy. 'Big rig'? WTF? The guy looks, talks, and acts like some inbred hillbilly from Deliveranceland who should be wearing a helmut and drool guard. I can picture ol 'special' big rig johny at home; perma-smile, straw thicketed, booger encrusted beard, bulbus goat eyes barely contained by their sockets with a tonka truck in each hand carving through the dirt in hillbilly heaven. Yes, indeed. Oh, and when he hears that dinner bell, BAM! Special John is up and RUNNING to the supper table with a mighty appetite! Nah. GSP ain't scared.

ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun site profile image  

12/16/12 6:08 PM by ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun

Trash talking doesn't work for everyone, he just doesn't have enough charisma for me to buy into it. High pitched whiny tone and he is not the most articulate guy. Sounds like a child throwing a tantrum. I do think he is better than Diaz but nobody was talking about GSP/Hendricks 6 months ago. He acts like he has been waiting for years