Palhares broke foot early vs. Lombard

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie

Hector Lombard fought fellow middleweight Rousimar Palhares at UFC on FX 6 Friday, earning a dramatic finish late in the first.

However, according to a statement sent to, in a moment of extreme irony, Palhares suffered ligament damage and broken bones in his right foot, after throwing an early-fight kick.

"During the fight, my kick was working well," said Palhares, who went to the hospital immediately after the fight. "But soon in the first round, one of my kicks hit Lombard's shin below his knee. I heard a snap, and I knew something bad happened.

"From that moment on, I feeling my foot more and more numb and without strength to walk around the octagon. It was a very complicated situation. I went through something similar in the fight against Jeremy Horn when I broke my hand during the fight."

"What happened, happened," said trainer and MMA legend Murilo Bustamante. "He is a great athlete and will overcame to be back up. The entire team of the UFC has done a great good job since the first medical care the arena of the fight. The hospital staff also made all necessary effort getting imaging tests with 'Toquinho,' and from then on, we started treatment immediately. His right foot is still very swollen. We still do not have prediction of when he will be able to go back training."

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NavyCorpsman site profile image  

12/18/12 1:50 PM by NavyCorpsman

This is why they should keep a big bucket of rice in the corner for in between rounds

raf6683 site profile image  

12/18/12 1:12 PM by raf6683

Thats too bad, I was really amp'd up for this fight.

CREamed_by_DongJ site profile image  

12/17/12 6:46 PM by CREamed_by_DongJ

Well now that you bring it up, there's no doubt that Palhares chin can't take my Lennox Lewis esque power. I am going to be standing over him @ 6'5, there's no doubt I could catch him early and finish. It's an interesting pick em fight that I would consider if the UFC paid more than hustling on the block. I am sure that the advice from my corner would be "just touch him" I mean look at Gustaffson just graze Thiago Silva and almost KO him, that's the power of 6'5. It's a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, I am not going to overvalue myself in this matchup, if he gets the takedown he wins, if I land a strike I win violently via brutal KO. Would I keep hitting Palhares after he was out? Probably, he likes to crank submissions on guys who already submitted, so I think it would be karmic justice ya know?  

Moke site profile image  

12/17/12 6:34 PM by Moke

lol, yeah ok. You forgot to mention you would also KO Palhares. btw, last I checked, you don't walk on your arms. ps; I hardly think anyone who can sprain their own ankle by jumping in the air has any room to talk about people's broken bones or excuses.

LiverpoolFC site profile image  

12/17/12 6:30 PM by LiverpoolFC


gabemadrid site profile image  

12/17/12 6:22 PM by gabemadrid

Sprained ankle broken toes?

xXJayRobXx site profile image  

12/17/12 6:17 PM by xXJayRobXx

I watched that kick 3 or 4 times. You see Lombard stick his tongue out like "oh you fucked up now"

CREamed_by_DongJ site profile image  

12/17/12 6:16 PM by CREamed_by_DongJ

It's an excuse, period.Rich Franklin would knock Palhares out cold with a broken arm.

CREamed_by_DongJ site profile image  

12/17/12 6:15 PM by CREamed_by_DongJ

myy ankle after crocop/gonzaga, jumped in the air drunk and landed sideways. At the end of the day it wasn't broken. I still have nerve damage there to this day though, sucks.

Moke site profile image  

12/17/12 6:09 PM by Moke

lol @ all the tough guys calling broken bones "excuses"...what's he supposed to do, keep it top secret? Only reveal it in an autobiography 50 years from now?