Video of Velasquez tearing knee before first JDS fight


The UFC debuted on FOX with a single fight. Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos was heralded as a fight for the "Baddest Man on the Planet" title, a lifting of the torch from boxing as the planet's dominant combat sport.

 In a moment some fans saw as an anti-climax, Cain was dethroned via KO in just 62 seconds.

Reference were made after the fact to a training injury to the knee suffered by Velasquez just days before the fight.

MMA film maker extraordinaire Bobby Razak was shooting in the gym 12 days prior to the bout, and captured the moment when Velasquez tore his knee.


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D241 site profile image  

12/30/12 1:31 PM by D241

So was Cain upset with you Bobby?   He seems mad at whoever put out the video, so I'm assuming that's you. I don't know why he'd be mad though. Cain himself said he was injured. The video just verifies that. If anything the video proves he wasn't at his best and his performance last night reiterates that.

Hessian site profile image  

12/29/12 4:27 AM by Hessian

I would think it is safe to say that less cameras will be allowed in dojos. It has been a unwritten rule that things like this even if caught on film would not be released.

D241 site profile image  

12/29/12 3:44 AM by D241

Is Cain upset with you Bobby?

AresSmashedPrahjuhdee site profile image  

12/29/12 3:12 AM by AresSmashedPrahjuhdee

Shogun KO'd Machida with a torn knee.

Shakwon site profile image  

12/29/12 3:09 AM by Shakwon

So looks like the video has been made private, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can see it?

spliff site profile image  

12/28/12 6:40 AM by spliff


swedsteve site profile image  

12/18/12 10:09 PM by swedsteve

Like i jussssttttt said... every fucking time dudeLovin it haaa

stonepony site profile image  

12/18/12 8:54 PM by stonepony

I'm sure any body-slam would have more kinetic inertia than any strike could have. Simply because of the amount of mass being moved. But yeah, as for strikes I do remember it was Rua's thai kick as the strongest ever recorded, but Cain's left hook was only a little less powerful.Shogun's thai-kick = 2,749lbs of force.Cain's left-hook = 2,230lbs of force. That's more powerful than any boxer they've ever recorded. And, interestingly, because he's a wrestler, that left tends to be his forward hand. He threw that punch with his lead hand.

D241 site profile image  

12/18/12 8:40 PM by D241

I could be wrong as I don't recall seeing the Shogun sports science episode, but I do recall sports science having Rampage slam a dummy and they said the force of that slam was the most powerful of any strikes they recorded.

stonepony site profile image  

12/18/12 8:32 PM by stonepony

It sucked that the fight was short... I don't think that's the same as saying the fight sucked. By that logic, almost every Tyson fight sucked.