Dana White: Bob Arum is the dumbest promoter in the history of the world


When UFC President Dana White first took over the UFC he vowed to not repeat the mistakes of boxing.

White, whose background was originally in boxing, is a massive Many Pacquiao fan, and was aghast when promoter Bob Arum matched him with the dangerous Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez ended up winning the fight last weekend, ruining a potential fight of the decade, or decades, with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“I’m the biggest Manny Pacquiao fan ever, I bet on Marquez,” White revealed Saturday night. “Dumbest fight in history. Bob Arum is a moron. You don’t take that fight, you idiot. Why would you do that fight? It’s all about the money, that’s why.

“That was a money fight, that’s what that fight was done for.”

“[Pacquiao] should have fought [Timothy] Bradley. Bradley’s the fight they should have done. He would have knocked Bradley out, he would have got his belt back and now he’s back in the position he should have been in.

“[Pacquiao's] one of the best fighters in the world. He goes out and fights Marquez again? Bob Arum is the dumbest promoter in the history of the world.”

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American Shaolin site profile image  

12/22/12 11:29 PM by American Shaolin

The only difference between Dana and Arum is that Arum is much more successful and has more money. End of story.

303 site profile image  

12/22/12 11:26 PM by 303

DFW with the correct

AresSmashedPrahjuhdee site profile image  

12/22/12 9:48 PM by AresSmashedPrahjuhdee

Kenyan calling the Somalian black.

XxTheIconxX site profile image  

12/22/12 9:43 PM by XxTheIconxX

So in other words, Pacquiao/ Marquez was a much more competitive fight than what Pacquio/ Bradley or Pacquiao/ Cotto would've been?I don’t get this Dana sometimes… first he criticized boxing for not giving its fans exciting and competitive match-ups and when Boxing does get exciting and competitive match-ups he criticizes the promoter on not going for ‘soft’ opponents for their fighter? is that what you do in the UFC Dana? Or is it just you being pissed at another boxing mega-fight out-selling your PPV’s?

WoodenPupa site profile image  

12/22/12 1:30 AM by WoodenPupa

If Manny had won, Dana would have slathered all over that fact and talked about the result in terms of (as Wasa put it above) historic trilogy, instead of bad matchmaking.Pacman is near the end of his career, and we all know the PBF bout will never happen unless Pacman gets hand cancer or something.At any rate, Dana has endorsed plenty of UFC matchups that put a cash cow, or potential cash cow, at risk, like Lesnar vs. Mir I, because he knew the public will keep shelling out $$ to make a story like Lesnar's get off the ground, even if it takes multiple restarts. And like in Manny's case, the public will fight to save a superstar they helped build with their $$ in the first place. How many times did Liddell have to be KD'd before he called it quits?

Tomato Can site profile image  

12/22/12 12:54 AM by Tomato Can

Dana can be a dummy sometimes. Nobody would have bought Pac/Bradley II because nobody wants to see a rematch to a fight where 95% think Pacquiao won anyway. ABC belts don't mean shit in boxing now and everyone except the most noobish fans know this.Pac/Marquez IV was a bigger seller, and the smarter fight to make from a promotional standpoint. Also, talking like a Marquez win was a foregone conclusion is fucking moronic. At the time of the KO, the fight was going Pac's way and Marquez was looking very beat up.

burner22 site profile image  

12/22/12 12:46 AM by burner22

Ug blog with another classic typo. Clearly should be "I am" not "arum". Tut tut

Shogun121 site profile image  

12/21/12 8:30 PM by Shogun121

If dana did bet on marquez then i give him props, but it sounds more like he lost money on the fight.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

12/21/12 8:26 PM by JimmersonzGlove


time traveling 12er site profile image  

12/21/12 8:23 PM by time traveling 12er

Umm, no if the two best teams meet earlier in the playoffs because of seeding, they will not meet in the superbowl. Same with basketball, baseball and the NHL. Also in they try to have everyone compete each season regardless of how good the teams are. I suppose MMA should to that too? Or do stupid sports comparisons only extend to make a point?