Condit: MacDonald's call out 'a little odd'


The public challenge on network TV excited Condit, he said, since MacDonald is a fighter with "a lot of hype behind him" right now. At the same time, something about it seemed weird.

"I think the whole thing was pretty, I don't know, the tone of it made it seem like I had wronged him," Condit said. "Like I did something wrong. I was just doing what the hell I'm supposed to do."

Clearly, MacDonald has spent some time thinking about that night in Vancouver. That's when Condit put him on his back in the final round of a fight MacDonald seemed to be in control of, and then rained down a desperate series of elbows and punches until the referee stopped it with just seven seconds left. That loss to Condit stands as the only defeat on MacDonald's record so far, and it came in a fashion that "humiliated" him, MacDonald said later.

And yeah, Condit said, he can understand that, all things considered.

"I think it's probably the way that he lost. He was undefeated at that point. He was the man, the next big thing. I think he thinks it's his destiny to be the champion, and I went in there and smashed that dream. So I can see it. But it's a little bit odd, I think."

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youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

12/20/12 9:48 AM by youarewhatiswrong

I don't say it was necessarily a bad stoppage, but if it had been left to continue nobody would have been surprised or upset.

Johnny Tightlips site profile image  

12/20/12 1:06 AM by Johnny Tightlips

Kelowna, BC.

Avenged MOFO site profile image  

12/20/12 12:54 AM by Avenged MOFO

Where did you grow up?

ZeRoboRog site profile image  

12/19/12 11:49 PM by ZeRoboRog

Agreed. Pretty hard to watch his bloody oozing zits gush out while he was calling him out also..

GOREILLAMAN site profile image  

12/19/12 11:48 PM by GOREILLAMAN

I've seen worse stoppages, seen better stoppages. But just watch the way Rory is stumbling around after the fight. I can't personally call that a bad stoppage.

RileyPust site profile image  

12/19/12 9:50 PM by RileyPust

I know he's not making excuses, I rooted for Rory as I have rooted for him in all of his fights and will in his next fight. He grew up a couple of hours away from me. I posted that quote to show that no matter how many people bitch about the stoppage, it was justified. The guy getting his face beaten on knows more about it than the fans sitting at home.If that fight had happened in the street you wouldn't be like "Wow nice job Rory you fought to a draw!" You would be like "I thought Rory had him, but then he got his ass kicked."WAR ARES!

Tolstolobic site profile image  

12/19/12 9:26 PM by Tolstolobic


Entreri site profile image  

12/19/12 9:25 PM by Entreri

He is not trying to make excuses or rethinking what happened. It is the past and he wants revenge.Before watching it again, I always thought he lost as well. Now if you go back and watch the tape, it is without a doubt a bad call by the ref and the fight should have been a draw. Shit happens.

MattyECB site profile image  

12/19/12 9:23 PM by MattyECB

It was revealed after the fight that McDonald wouldve won on decision if he survived 7 more seconds lolBut as someone mentioned after, McDonald himself thought it wsa a fair stoppage, and even though he was getting beat that whole round, if you watched two minutes before and up to that stoppage without knowing how much time was left... most ppl would probably agree with the stoppage too so I couldnt complain lol

RileyPust site profile image  

12/19/12 8:56 PM by RileyPust

"It was a just stoppage, he was kicking my ass." ~ Rory Macdonald.