Jeremey Stephens dropping to 145 lb. division


Longtime lightweight Jeremy Stephens will change things up after the calendar turns with a drop to featherweight.

The fighter recently announced the planned change of divisions on Twitter, and ( confirmed news of the switch with Stephens' manager, Ryan Hass.

Hass said the plan is for Stephens to do a test cut to 145 in January after helping wrap Alliance MMA teammate Myles Jury's prep for next week's UFC 155 bout against Michael Johnson.

"It shouldn't be a problem and (we're) looking for a fight by March," Hass said. "His last couple fights have been on short notice, so he's looking to get a full camp with a nutritionist and tweak his training to bring up his speed, but not lose any muscle or power. He'll be a contender at 145 quick. He likes 155 and it was never his idea to drop, but after consideration, he's pumped about it."

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In addition, Stephens himself stopped by the Underground today to provide some more details to the story:

From: LilHeathen
Member Since: 6/3/10
Posts: 150

It'll be an easy cut, I'll train harder and perform even better! I'm not a big guy and my body fat isn't low.Test cut shouldn't be a problem in a couple weeks, then will be looking to reinvent myself in all aspects. Maybe I can double dip with LW too, who knows. I'll have it all figured out soon enough. More importantly, getting this criminal case dismissed (since I had nothing to do with it) will help my career the most.

Thanks for those of you that support me. I couldn't do it without you!

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DR1 site profile image  

12/25/12 3:59 AM by DR1

You will do great at 145 Jeremy. Good luck with everything bro, You have a lot fans and friends that support you including me. Get than win on the 29th with Myles!

TheWolf88 site profile image  

12/25/12 12:25 AM by TheWolf88

Jeremy best of luck and its a great thing to look forward to your future fights at 145, any lil heathen fight is a plus to any card, feel bad for your first opponent. Merry Xmas

MacGowan site profile image  

12/24/12 9:17 PM by MacGowan

Naah, by the time lil heathen can rack up a few wins at FW and earn a title shot (if he can), Aldo will be long gone to LW. Wouldnt be surprised if it happens after the edgar fight. Who is really left to challenge him at FW? Guida? lol

Jsteven site profile image  

12/24/12 7:06 PM by Jsteven

I remember Lauzon saying even the punches he blocked hurt. That power at 145 is scary.

Strength site profile image  

12/24/12 7:05 PM by Strength


JBASS site profile image  

12/24/12 7:02 PM by JBASS

Of all the things Yves could've said after he just fought and beat Stephens, that's about as respectful as it gets. VTFU

Yves Edwards site profile image  

12/24/12 6:57 PM by Yves Edwards

"Should"? He had freakish power at 155. My only advice to 145lbers is don't get hit.Yves

JBASS site profile image  

12/21/12 1:37 AM by JBASS

Good luck Jeremy!! You'll be a beast at 145, wont be many guys who will want to fight you. And good luck with all the legal crap as well. Loved your KO of Dos Anjos, that was the uppercut from hell!

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

12/20/12 10:11 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Really hoping all that shit gets cleared up for you, sounds like a fucked up situation!! Think you will give everyone trouble at 145... Would love to see you land a big shot on Aldo.Any idea of who your first fight will be? Siver would be a sick fight!

mugatu site profile image  

12/20/12 9:03 PM by mugatu

best of luck with the change Jeremy,  looking forward to seeing your next fight!