Chris Leben tired of hearing about p***ing on Thacker's bed


"You have to fight that war on all fronts, internal work with my thought patterns and my old ways of dealing with issues and problems," he said. "At the same time, there are situations I've had to remove myself from. A lot of good people I know that are still friends of mine, but they know we can't hang out because they're living that other life. The best thing for me is to not be around that. There are certain places I don't choose to go. If my friends are going to a bar instead of a restaurant, or a restaurant that is more of a bar, I don't go."

Since that time, he's gotten treatment for deep seated emotional problems that he would medicate himself away from addressing. He feels younger, lighter and in better shape. The time off has healed his injuries, but left him in rough shape financially.

"You really don't know what you have until it's taken away," he said. "This was truly a blessing in disguise. I had that invaluable time I needed for my personal life. I do miss competing. I miss getting in there. I miss training for a fight and missed the paydays as well. I have a different mindset. I'm much more clearheaded. But with that comes different issues. There's more anxiety, more nerves, questions on how I'm going to perform. I'm trying to make that a positive thing, to push myself harder, to be more ready."

While a lot of UFC fans still think of Leben as the guy who got out control in the early episodes of The Ultimate Fighter, Leben noted that was eight years ago and he's moved past that era.

"I certainly am tired of hearing about p***ing on (Jason) Thacker's bed, or when people ask me, `When are you going to fight Josh Koscheck,'" he said. "That was seven, eight years ago. It's over."

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PeteyWheatstraw site profile image  

12/26/12 11:54 AM by PeteyWheatstraw

"Big Leben fan but this is the same story we here every year from him. After he messes up he is always dedicating himself again."Don't want to bash, but he has done A LOT of stuff over a long period of time that people in general would have negative opinions on. I wonder if he knows how lucky he is to keep getting opportunities. Maybe UFC sees his antics as "compelling". I don't.

thatsme site profile image  

12/26/12 11:17 AM by thatsme

I don't remember peeing in any beds. I do remember an episode where some guy was peeing other fighter's fruit salad. Completely disgusting.

Walnuts site profile image  

12/26/12 4:57 AM by Walnuts

Chris Leben: "Don't bring up old shit, bro. Just cuz I pissed in somebody's bed a few years ago doesn't make me a bad person. I mean come on, who among us hasn't pissed on somebody's bed for fun. And I don't wanna hear about the steroids either, bro."He made his bed, now he can piss in it.

NINERS76 site profile image  

12/26/12 4:17 AM by NINERS76

Big Leben fan but this is the same story we here every year from him. After he messes up he is always dedicating himself again. Its kinda like every fight BJ has the motivation again.

PeteyWheatstraw site profile image  

12/25/12 11:42 PM by PeteyWheatstraw

"Tony is a DOOSH"Wasn't that just kind of a one-time, bizarre, drunken fucked up night deal? Not that it was OK, but he seemed like a normal dude outside of that. I think he said he was sorry the next day. Probably not a dude that should be drinking.Off the subject, but he won the show didn't he? I've been impressed the couple times I seen him fight.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

12/25/12 10:18 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Tired of hearing when he would fight Koscheck again?Ummm, think about this everyone. There are people who care enough about Koscheck-Leben that it annoys Chris to be asked about it. Yet a guy like Hendricks is a clear number 1 contender and is such a non draw that Dana went with Nick Diaz instead. The point?Leben shouldn't be annoyed but rather proud that fans care about him. The sport sadly has yet to develop a bunch of guys like the TUF 1 cast. Florian, Swick, Leben, Koscheck, Forrest, Bonnar all became bigger stars than some of the guys who had all the skills but zero marketing ability or power. Make Leben-Koscheck today and that fight is an EASY sell on an undercard of a PPV or a Fight Night sort of main event. What is annoying is that TUF 1 was the last time this sport really built several guys at once that anyone cared to watch. Eight years later and I'm annoyed Leben pissing on Thacker's bed was more fun than the last 5 TUFs.

Vinny Magalhães site profile image  

12/25/12 8:16 PM by Vinny Magalhães


HandyDarsh site profile image  

12/25/12 8:00 PM by HandyDarsh

On the show hell ya

YousHerName site profile image  

12/25/12 3:17 PM by YousHerName

Tony is a DOOSH

JoeMimic site profile image  

12/25/12 2:00 PM by JoeMimic

Me either wtf man.