Heavyweights predict JDS vs. Velasquez


2012 is going to end with a mighty bang, as Cain Velasquez challenges UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos in the headlining event of UFC 155 on Saturday night, live on PPV.

The easy predicition is a repeat of the first fight - JDS by KO. But some of the heaviest minds in MMA think otherwise.

Matt Mitrione - Cain
"I think Cain will win that fight. I think Dos Santos is a phenomenal striker. I think Cain's motivated. I think he's an exceptional wrestler nobody has chain wrestling like him, or cardio. I think he can stay on Dos Santos' legs, shot, shot, re-shot, re-shot. Do everything else to get Dos Santos' back and I think that Cain's got phenomenal top control. Even if Dos Santos gets back up. I think Cain will just re-shoot on him, once again. I think it will be a wrestling match."

Alistair Overeem - Cain
I think Cain is gonna do good in this next fight. I think he might even get the belt. I think he's gonna get the belt."

Shane del Rosario - Leaning JDS
"It's gonna be a very tough fight. If Dos Santos doesn't catch him I think Velasquez has a good chance to grind him out and take the win over all five rounds. I'm rooting for Dos Santos and I hope he gets the win. I think he will."

Fabricio Werdum - Leaning JDS
"I don't know, it's very difficult because Dos Santos has the best boxing in the UFC. Velasquez is definitely a complete guy. It's a very good fight for sure. I want Dos Santos to win again, because I want a fight with him. Velasquez trains a lot. I know. He has good wrestling, good boxing, good muay thai. I think Velasquez has a good team. Maybe a smart team...put Dos Santos to the ground. Because if he stay stand up. Maybe Dos Santos will knock him out again."

Frank Mir - JDS
"I think it's really close. Again, I think Velasquez is extremely well rounded, very tenacious has great grappling ability. I think the way to beat Dos Santos is to close off the cage, to put him against there and put him down on the ground. Lets test his abilities in other areas. He's already proven he's an unbelievable fighter when it comes to the open area. His footwork, his speed. I think if you want to take the champion away from that, you have to take him out of that element. I think Velasquez has the potential to possibly do so. That being said he's already tried once and came up short and Dos Santos, so far no one has really figured out the riddle on really how to cut him off and get him down to the ground. No one has been able to really be dominant at all, or even show a chink in his armor. As of right now, he goes around and he does what he does best and no one is able to stop him. They're both such great fighters. I'll probably slide toward the champion just because he is the champion. It's not something I would actually bet my house on."

Shane Carwin - JDS
"Dos Santos and Cain...I think it's more of the same from the last fight. Dos Santos."

RoyNelson - JDS
"I think I was the only one who gave Junior a chance to actually finish that fight...I still got Junior. Just because, he hits hard and if anything he's got five rounds tp knock Cain's block off. If Cain does the same thing he did last time, it's not gonna be a good thing. I thin Cain has to just change his game-plan up and actually go out there and execute good, solid grappling match game-plan, then he'll be okay. As long as you're tying him up, he can't punch you."

Randy Couture - It is going to be interesting
"The rematch is gonna be interesting, I think you'll see Cain back at the top of his game and sharp it was a question with the shoulder issues he had. Coming back and fighting a guy the caliber of Dos Santos. he was just sitting there waiting and obviously hungry. Cain certainly wants his belt back so i think maybe we'll see a little bit tighter Dos Santos than we've seen in the past. but it will be an interesting rematch, for sure. I expect to see a lot more wrestling out of Velasquez, to deal with the punching and striking abilities of Junior dos Santos."

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Who do you think will win? And how sure are you?


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E55 Pilot site profile image  

12/31/12 1:04 PM by E55 Pilot

LOL @ you guys! LOL! Fight game may not be your thing.

NoNameBias site profile image  

12/28/12 4:03 AM by NoNameBias

Uppercut vs Cain's one tracked mind... who wins?

maxbrothersinc site profile image  

12/27/12 4:52 PM by maxbrothersinc

JDS by humiliating Cain

Lazer MMA site profile image  

12/27/12 3:59 PM by Lazer MMA

Never said Lying LOL! I said I think they would not bet on it.

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

12/27/12 3:43 PM by KZTT_W85


DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/27/12 3:33 PM by DoomFarmer

Yeah sure, they are lying about it, right?Christ...

JustSaying site profile image  

12/27/12 3:17 PM by JustSaying

Lol @ The fighters who faced Jinor are saying he will win and those who have not fought him are saying Cain will win.  Irony much?

E55 Pilot site profile image  

12/27/12 2:58 PM by E55 Pilot

Cain in a shocker. He stops JDS on their feet.

shaqitup site profile image  

12/27/12 2:26 PM by shaqitup

I love seeing guys that already lost to a guy make picks, as they almost always pick the guy they lost to.Werdum seems to be the one exception in this situation, as he kind of said it was a hard fight to pick, which is also somewhat surprising because we all know how brazilians generally pick fights.I bet if you asked Brock, Kongo, etc then they would pick Cain.

MMAinterviews site profile image  

12/27/12 2:19 PM by MMAinterviews

Here's MMAinterviews Pros' Picks Video for Cain vs JDS II