Dana White: I hope more fighters come out


No currently active athlete on a major professional male sports team has publicly come out as gay.

Simple statistics tell us there are plenty, but as UFC President Dana White said Tuesday on Showtime's "Jim Rome: Live," sports need more brave athletes like Liz Carmouche.

"I love it," said White. "I think what it's going to take is it's going to take some brave people. If you are gay, you're going to have to be brave, and you're going to have to come out say it.

"But people are very worried about it. Not just athletes, but actors and actresses in Hollywood, they're nervous about what's going to happen to them and their careers if they come out and say they are."

"It's 2013. I still think it's ridiculous that the government can tell two people who love each other they can't get married.

"I'm happy to have her. She's our first openly gay fighter, and I hope more [come out]."

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MisterFixit site profile image  

12/29/12 4:17 PM by MisterFixit

Statistics can demonstrate that it's almost a certainty but no, they dont actually prove anything. Not sure what the argument here is.

unfallenstar site profile image  

12/29/12 3:25 PM by unfallenstar

The way Dana worded that, "I hope more fighters come out" tells me that there are fighters he suspects of being in the closet.

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/29/12 3:09 PM by kingkoopa

Stats don't prove that there is. Are there? Ya its definitely a possibility but stats don't prove that there has to be.

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/29/12 3:07 PM by kingkoopa

I asked questions in almost everyone of my posts

RLL site profile image  

12/29/12 2:31 PM by RLL

Its simple really. When anyone does something that leads the way... black athletes for example in the 60s... then they talk about it to help others like themselves. If you break stereotypes and are the first... why not celebrate it?

thunderliger7134 site profile image  

12/29/12 2:26 PM by thunderliger7134

"No currently active athlete on a major professional male sports team has publicly come out as gay."While that is true - no active athlete on a major sports team has come out - a boxer named Orlando Cruz, who was on the Puerto Rican Olympic Team in 2000 and who is currently 19-2 as a pro, came out a few months ago. His record...http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=93086&cat=boxerDonald McRae, author of the excellent book "Dark Trade: Lost in Boxing", wrote a good article about him for The Guardian.http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/oct/18/orlando-cruz-gay-boxer-interviewCruz won his first fight since coming out this past October.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/boxing/article-2220539/Orlando-Cruz-Gay-boxer-wins-fight-coming-out.html

MisterFixit site profile image  

12/29/12 1:57 PM by MisterFixit

There are gay fighters. Just because you can't think of any open homosexuals on american professional sports teams means zero and is hardly an indicator that homosexuals don't play sports.

Tiresias site profile image  

12/29/12 11:43 AM by Tiresias

What questions of yours didn't I answer?

Dillon70 site profile image  

12/29/12 11:35 AM by Dillon70

stats don't prove there has to gay fighters. stats say the average male is 6' tall,bu the majority of the nba is well above that. imo and in my experience, sports aren't something homosexual males gravitate towards...