Dana White: Werdum gets title shot with win over Nogueira


UFC President Dana White recently conducted a roundtable with Brazilian media at ZUFFA headquarters, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TATAME is reporting that Fabricio Werdum will get a title shot if he defeats Rodrigo Nogueira in early June.

"Yes. If he wins, they will have their title shot," White is quoted as saying.

Werdum and Noguira will be opposing coaches on the second season of TUF Brazil. The first series featured Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva, who ultimately did not fighter after Beflort suffered an injury.

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AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

12/30/12 4:47 AM by AttentionDeficitDizzle

Werdum's ground game is solid and he is capable of protecting himself down there, but based on what I saw from Cain tonight with his preparation and movement on his feet I don't see Werdum getting past 2 rounds with Cain before being KO'd. Werdum would be an easy fight for Cain to prepare and train for, especially because Werdum's boxing is about as poor fundamentally as JDS's boxing going into this fight. Werdum has too many flaws on his feet and he would need a lot of improvement in order to fix those prior to the fight. Cain could just pressure him and not even wrestle with him, just clinch him and wear him down in the pocket. Cain's trainers would have a lot of solid strategies for Werdum just on the feet alone based on what I saw tonight from their preparation for JDS.If Cain were to fight Overeem, Overeem would get smashed in the first round easily. Overeem doesn't have nearly the amount of heart, ground game, and chin that JDS had tonight, and Overeem would not be able to accommodate for Cain's ability to counter and get inside on him. Cain would get to him easily, as would anyone with boxing fundamentals and movement, which Cain showed tonight. Reem would be in trouble very very early and would have no answer for Cain's conditioning, ground game, and pressure up close. Cain knows how to bang up close and get close quickly. Reem and Werdum don't have the movement and defense to avoid Cain getting inside the pocket and opening up. Both guys are like JDS, very one-dimensional because they have to strike from a point of distance and balance, and they don't throw the volume or angles with speed they would need to be effective against Cain once he's bridged the gap. Their height and their reach and their power has always been a weapon for them but without those things neither Werdum nor Reem have shown any real boxing versatility. Both guys would tire and wilt early. Werdum would have a better chance because he has a useful guard and is crafty.In order to beat Cain these two are going to have to become more athletic and efficient and not allow him to exploit their weaknesses on the feet, which is impossible for either of them to do unless they address them early and get coaches who are as good as whoever trained Cain's hands for this fight tonight.Reem would get owned in the first round and it would look like what happened with Lesnar once the leg kicks and posturing are over and Cain gets inside on him.Werdum would be out in the 1st or 2nd, and would only make the 3rd by running or by pulling guard and hanging on for dear life in a scramble. If Werdum got on top of Cain he would have to hold him down but Cain would eventually get back up and Werdum would be vulnerable again. He wouldn't be able to submit Cain and he would not be knocking Cain out on the feet. After the 1st round Werdum and Reem's punching abilty, power, and any speed they have would be gone. Neither would be putting together combinations or any effective foot movement and defensive speed on the feet. If either of them connected after their initially being worn down, Cain's chin is good enough that he'd be able to take it and keep pressuring.I don't see Cain losing again for a very long time.

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/30/12 4:12 AM by kingkoopa

Werdum can sub him off his back. It would be a strikers match

303 site profile image  

12/30/12 3:39 AM by 303

Would be worst, and most boring HW title ever. Reem must get his chance.

Braziliant site profile image  

12/30/12 2:35 AM by Braziliant

Never like to see Brazilians fight each other but i am glad one of them are getting a shot soon.

TheBeebs site profile image  

12/29/12 4:48 PM by TheBeebs


Snake28 site profile image  

12/29/12 3:30 PM by Snake28

Hahahahaha I would VTFU if i Could that was hilarious

Toquinho site profile image  

12/29/12 3:29 PM by Toquinho

I also do not see werdum give problems to jds, cain or cormier. I would like to see werdum vs struve or mir

Toquinho site profile image  

12/29/12 3:27 PM by Toquinho

Tru.. Join date of this name is 11 yes. Anyway, seen ur interviews, you r biased. Werdum no chance

BooZe site profile image  

12/29/12 3:18 PM by BooZe

So is johny hendricks a stand and wanger since he hasn't showcased his grappling that often? your points make no sense...

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/29/12 3:11 PM by ChaosOverkill

no no, Dana protects him, the raging internet fanboy said so.   Paper champ paper champ!