Myles Jury's UFC 155 fight day video blog


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UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

2/27/13 1:31 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Haven't been able to get down there so I sent $30 down with your boy Miguel last weekend, figured it would cover the 2 meals I owe from our Malt Shop Bets!! Your going down next time... Lol... Where's the fight predictions been? Looking forward to seeing you scrap again soon!    Team Malt Shop

40oztofreedom site profile image  

1/5/13 6:30 PM by 40oztofreedom

Great video, love seeing behind the scenes TTT

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

1/5/13 6:18 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Have fun in MI.... I'll let you know when I'm down your way.

Fury21 site profile image  

1/5/13 5:58 PM by Fury21

Thanks! I'm in SD till the 9th then in Michigan for a couple weeks. LMK when you're around.

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

1/5/13 5:23 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

His little act during weigh ins was such a front... Dude was scared and for good fucking reason... I touted you hard in the Lupo locks thread... Lol.Can't wait to see you fight again, hopefully against Gomi or Dos AnjosI'll be in SD in a few weeks... I'll swing by the shop and clear my debt! Team Malt Shop

Fury21 site profile image  

1/5/13 4:19 PM by Fury21

We were actually friends from my manager bringing him in to Jeremy Stephens camp. So I trained with him a little and got to know him pretty good. So when this fight was offered, it was a little weird being friends with him. But, it's business so I took it and just didn't talk to him or pay him any attention from when I was offered the fight.  He came out with the youtube video saying he was going to give me a "fist in a box," that was funny. At weigh-in's he got in my face and told me he was going to show me I shouldn't have taken the fight. That was not funny. I don't play the intimidation, talking crap or anything in between. So that pissed me off and I wanted to make him pay.

Waffler742 site profile image  

1/2/13 10:04 AM by Waffler742

Hey Myles, grats on the win. One question though, did you and Johnson have any personal beef before the fight?

Fred Ettish the Alternate site profile image  

1/2/13 9:13 AM by Fred Ettish the Alternate


LilHeathen site profile image  

12/31/12 12:16 PM by LilHeathen


Karl Olsson site profile image  

12/31/12 11:34 AM by Karl Olsson

Good Job MFJ!