Lauzon got 40 stitches, is 'all good'


Saturday night in the co-main event at UFC 155 Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller engaged in an insanely great fight, that won each an extra $65,000 fight of the night bonus. Miller came got the unanimous decision, and the sport got one for the history books.

Joe Lauzon @JoeLauzon
40 stitches and a lot of lost blood... But I'm all good. Props to @JimMiller_155 on a great fight! #UFC155

Jim Miller @JimMiller_155
Its guys like @JoeLauzon that make me proud to call myself a fighter. Intelligent, respectful n tough as a coffin nail. Hell of a fight man

Joe Lauzon @JoeLauzon
Great fight to you too, @JimMiller_155. Honored to share the cage with you.


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CaptChaos site profile image  

1/1/13 12:43 PM by CaptChaos

This fight should be shown to everyone that does not understand mma. They should show the pre- fight words of respect they had for each other, the fight, and then the respectful words they had for each other after the fight. IMO only then will we be able to educate the ignorant people out there that truly do not understand this sport. I also think the general public should be educated on cuts and blood. So many people see blood and automatically think the worst. I think if doctors could speak on the issue and explain that there is no real danger for the fighters, then they may accept it more. This fight was a model on so many levels IMO! I loved this matchup but I also hated it because I like both guys and I knew there would be a loser. I wanna see both guys do well and get closer to a title shot. Joe took a step back but Joe never really takes a step back. He will always get fights in the UFC as long as he can fight at a high level. He brings it every time and so does Jimmy! Congrats guys! You both deserve all the praise you get!

mennis65 site profile image  

12/31/12 9:46 PM by mennis65

That was an incredible fight from start to finish. That's why MMA is my favorite sport to watch. Excellent job and congrats on the well deserved FOTN bonuses.

Sukulaku site profile image  

12/31/12 9:17 PM by Sukulaku

It's things like this that make me love mixed martial arts.

jasonhightower site profile image  

12/31/12 8:40 PM by jasonhightower

No homo?

TheBass site profile image  

12/31/12 5:59 PM by TheBass

I want to see a good pic of Joe's gash. Can someone please show me his gash?

The Sultan site profile image  

12/31/12 4:54 PM by The Sultan

Congrats meng. Nive boost

The Sultan site profile image  

12/31/12 4:54 PM by The Sultan


MountainMedic site profile image  

12/31/12 4:29 PM by MountainMedic

When they got timed out, to cut some tape, & miller looks at joe & says "hell of a fight"..... these are the moments that will live well beyond the fighters.Awesome fight, got me stoked again on "UFC".

Sobercuban site profile image  

12/31/12 3:44 PM by Sobercuban


Kings21 site profile image  

12/31/12 3:37 PM by Kings21

And here you see a Jim Miller in his natural habitat preparing to take a long hard earned nap after a filling feast. Such a graceful and glorious beast.