Jones takes Hendo's DUI joke in stride


On New Year's Eve, Dan Henderson decided to take a shot at UFC champion Jon Jones, warning his fans to not drink and drive into a telephone poll. The comment was directed towards Jones, who was arrested for a DUI this past May.

Although Jones and Henderson have been going back and forth in the media, it looks likes Jones decided to not be too harsh in his retort to Henderson:

lol the old guy got jokes.. that a boy... on to the next one

read official Twitter...


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Caught_clean site profile image  

1/3/13 1:24 AM by Caught_clean

Except Dan hurt his knee weeks out and tried to still fight but was not allowed based on the UFC doctors... so yea try again.

ssj site profile image  

1/3/13 1:16 AM by ssj

Machida's striking is on another level to Hendo'sAnyone who thinks Hendo will get off his H bomb on Machida is dreaming, he doesn't have the speed or ability to get within H bomb range on MachidaSure, Hendo has a power punch, but you don't think Machida will be ready for that and evasive as he always is?Machida via KO or decision

Lazer MMA site profile image  

1/2/13 8:39 PM by Lazer MMA

Hendo can do exactly what Page did for rounds 1 & 2; moreover, both have to worry about counters when they come inside. Hendo boxing is at an all time high. JBJ hit him coming in, sure as shit Hendo can too.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

1/2/13 8:35 PM by Lazer MMA

WTF R U talking about? I one spot you can't fight! He did want to fight but the docs were wrong and he could not.WTF does this have to do with my post talking about Sonnen who won dick at LHW getting a BS title shot in April?DERP X 5

fapout site profile image  

1/2/13 8:29 PM by fapout

lmao, really?

Snake28 site profile image  

1/2/13 8:12 PM by Snake28

Yet Dana talks shit like Hendo turned it down. When someone is injured Dana is the first to defend them Except in this case. Dana has had problems with Hendo since he left for SF and before that when they had the problems that made him go to SF

OSBtro11 site profile image  

1/2/13 8:00 PM by OSBtro11


BENDOver 209 Top Team #1 site profile image  

1/2/13 7:39 PM by BENDOver 209 Top Team #1

poll? really?  

andyman011 site profile image  

1/2/13 7:35 PM by andyman011

Not really. In both situations you don't fight when you're scheduled to. They both imply that Dan had made the call to not take the fight. Its not like he called Dana and said I hurt my knee and still want to fight. He said look Dana I hurt my knee and don't feel like I would be myself in the cage. Let me take a bit off and come back

Kingfanpaul site profile image  

1/2/13 7:34 PM by Kingfanpaul

I get that it won't be easy, but to act like there is no chance in hell, I think is exaggerating.