Lauzon: I'd prefer not to have won FOTN

by Steven Marroco | source:

"I'm glad people enjoyed the fight, but I'm not looking to go out there and look like a zombie after every fight," Lauzon said. "I want to have exciting fights, but I don't want to be the guy that's exciting because he gets beat up so much. I want to demonstrate my skills and submit people and beat other people up."

"I don't feel I've taken any real abuse or punishment," Lauzon said. "But the thing is I don't want to. I don't want to have wars if that means I'm going to forget my own name. If it got to that point, I would reassess everything and take a step back.

"I went to school for computer science. I can still remember all the classes and everything I learned."

"I wish it could have been a 'Submission of the Night,'" Lauzon said. "I've got to hope that this next fight isn't super exciting and I get one over."

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Smellde Gluve site profile image  

1/3/13 4:18 AM by Smellde Gluve

I agree with Joe. I'm a fan of the smarter fighters rather than the haymaker dummies and I've been a fan of Joe way before this fight but I really respect a celebral fighter who has such heart and determination to go through an absolute war when it's needed. What makes it exciting to me is not the blood. It's the fighters ability to surprise and find ways to try to end the fight 'til the final bell. Joe's got the best of both worlds. Skill, heart & smarts.    

BlueDream site profile image  

1/3/13 4:03 AM by BlueDream

Joe will def come back a smarter and better fighter..Can't wait.

WelshWarrior site profile image  

1/3/13 3:42 AM by WelshWarrior

totally respect this, good way to aid in a long successful career, War Jlau

UGCTT Combat Can Happen site profile image  

1/3/13 12:41 AM by UGCTT Combat Can Happen

Lauzon is skilled and getting better. He demonstrated that he's on tough mothereffer as well. Can't wait to watch his career unfold; Joe will always have a fan in me!

mrantistupiditay site profile image  

1/3/13 12:38 AM by mrantistupiditay

Joe L, am a huge fan of yours, especially your jiu jitsu and the spirit you bring every time. And it's always cool as hell to see/look for how you've progressed every time you fight, and through that to see your intelligence & devotion at work.I know you know this, but you have to be willing to sacrifice it all (including your brain) to go in there without hesitations or doubts.Serious comment: by the time you can't remember shit, it's already too late. Your brain's already on a deterioration course that's long term.Love watching you fight, but wouldn't have shit to say if you retired to preserve your brain for whatever comes next.Just don't want to see anybody go in there without that spirit of Enson Inoue, i.e. "Today's a good day to die," because it's so important to being all you can be at what you're doing when you go in to fight.Really seems like the sport's at a turning point, where there's a funny paradox between being "a true martial artist" and being "a fighter." The true martial artist always wants to preserve his brain, because if that's not the point, then what is? The fighter doesn't give a shit, because this is it, if he's not giving everything to this then what the fuck is it for?

BrianStannFan site profile image  

1/3/13 12:11 AM by BrianStannFan

when you start to forget what ADT and OOP stand for Joe... quit! war lauzon the only guy that can build your app then kick your ass!

mrantistupiditay site profile image  

1/3/13 12:01 AM by mrantistupiditay

Eventually brains are going to be like steroids. If mainly what you have is meatheads who don't really care about or need their brains, and are willing to sacrifice them to their career, most fighters will end up being like boxers with scrambled brains, because if the other guy's training harder than you you're at a disadvantage. site profile image  

1/2/13 11:53 PM by

That article says something to the effect of around the time his embarrassment wore off he picked up his camera phone and took a picture. How the hell could he be embarrassed after a performance like that?? He's so damn tough. Can't wait to see him heal up so he can fight again and get another SOTN!

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

1/2/13 11:42 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

Fighter of the nighttt

Anderson P Sonnen site profile image  

1/2/13 11:36 PM by Anderson P Sonnen

TTT Epic performance Joe, always a big fan. I understand your point of view. The thing is, your real fans don't know you for getting beat up, we know you for what your capable of and one of those things are that you are never in a boring fight. You make it exciting every time. Win or lose you are one of the best and I know you'll be back with a W in no time.