Lombard: Bring on the toughest middleweights


'I just don't want to fight guys that they say: `oh that was a easy match-up for him.' I want to fight the hardest match-up.

'I wish they (the UFC) could go now and make a pool of the toughest guys at 84kg that no one wants to fight and I want to fight that guy.

'I want to fight who the UFC and the people believe is the toughest guy out there.

'Not many people want to fight Palhares. Before we had the fight people were saying: `Hector is gone, Phalares is taking Hector's leg back to Brazil.'''

But with Palhares tick off the list, Lombard looks at the rest of the names.

'I would like to fight Chris Weidman, he's a big name,'' he said.

'I've been asking for (Yushin) Okami, I've been asking for Okami but they (UFC) won't give him to me because of his chin.

'Okami has no chin, he can't cop the punches.

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sevr1 site profile image  

1/8/13 5:47 PM by sevr1

This would be an awesome co-main event after the Jones fight is done. The pre-fight hype/circus would be legendary.

superCalo site profile image  

1/8/13 3:05 PM by superCalo


Yelm site profile image  

1/8/13 2:23 PM by Yelm

I really hope he can avoid the clinch with Okami.  Yushin could very well make this a slow grinding fight.  I am not a fan of Lombard but will be hoping for the KO.

ausgepicht site profile image  

1/8/13 1:37 PM by ausgepicht

Sorry, I should have clarified. The Hendo KO has very little to do with it. It has to do with the British glass jaw that he was born with, hence his dancing against power hitters. He knows it, we all know it. 

MachidasStraightLeft site profile image  

1/8/13 11:13 AM by MachidasStraightLeft

The only reason that Lombard is facing Okami is so that Goldie can use the line "Thunder vs. Lightning".

GableGrip site profile image  

1/8/13 11:11 AM by GableGrip

Yes. Lombard smokes him though. It will be his revenge for the horrible decision win they gave TB.Lombard is the real deal, he is a challenge for any MW and will beat 99% of them.If he would learn to not talk like a DB, and chill out a little, he would have more fans outside Australia and people wouldn't hate on his so much.

JustSaying site profile image  

1/8/13 11:03 AM by JustSaying

I FUCKING LOVE LOMBARD'S CONFIDANCE!!!!!   Anyone who thinks hes cocky is clueless.  When you can back up your words, you're confidant.  He's requesting the most feared men in the fighting sport... Maaaaannnnnnn! gotta love him!  I hope he has a long, long, healthy career.  He deserves it with his performances, and drive.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/8/13 10:39 AM by SKARHEAD

Would love to see him fight Manhoef

Willin site profile image  

1/8/13 9:52 AM by Willin

Chael would wreak havoc on Lombard's tenuous psychological state. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to help promote Yushin's fight since Okami can't speak english. He did it for Okami's fight against Silva...

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

1/8/13 2:08 AM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Okami is going to wreck him