Henderson open to bout with Sonnen

source: tatame.com

Henderson explained the situation in a recent interview with Brazilian news outlet TATAME:

"We're friends, but above all we fight now in the same category and therefore have the same goal. We both compete for the same belt."

"Our friendship is more than a title and we are professional enough to let the rivalry be just inside the Octagon. It would be a different situation, but our profession in this type of situation is quite possible to happen."

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knuckleballs site profile image  

1/8/13 2:06 PM by knuckleballs

This would be an evenly-matched, awesome fight.

hmb site profile image  

1/8/13 9:06 AM by hmb

In other words"I want lots of money"-Dan Henderson

Authority Figure site profile image  

1/8/13 8:58 AM by Authority Figure

This thread is in flames. lol

UGCTT_mousetrap site profile image  

1/4/13 7:43 PM by UGCTT_mousetrap

Hendo will beat him bad

yabadaba site profile image  

1/4/13 7:16 PM by yabadaba


psujunglist site profile image  

1/4/13 7:01 PM by psujunglist


Dana Stern site profile image  

1/4/13 6:29 PM by Dana Stern

The reality is that Henderson got hurt so they offered the fight to Shogun, Machida, and Chael. Chael said yes and Bones wouldn't take it. They gave Bones a fight with Vitor and then I believe offered Dan the fight again but he was still hurt. So they they did Chael VS Bones on TUF, I don't see what the issues is. To say Chael talked his way into it is stupid, he's talked shit about everyone in the UFC from Arianny to Brock Lesner. Dan gets a bit worked up about stuff he really should just let go, but that's how he's always been. I doubt him and Chael ever fight but it would be a battle of they did.

RickStorm site profile image  

1/4/13 5:48 PM by RickStorm


bhealthy site profile image  

1/4/13 5:39 PM by bhealthy

hendo could beat chael clean

Lazer MMA site profile image  

1/4/13 1:12 PM by Lazer MMA

He was indeed angling for a shot vs JBJ (with no wins at LHW to boot) deflecting attention away from Hendo; therefore he was taking the due attention that should have been on Hendo and putting himself in the spotlight. All that matters to him (not saying good or bad but it was not 'good teammate like' IMO) is himself. The result of this selfish behavior ended buying him a spot on TUF and getting Hendo fully short changed (i.e. WTF would consider him who never won CRAP at LHW if not for his big mouth?!)The other theory is stupid as hell. Hendo fully expected to fight but his docs were wrong and he could not. WTF could he gain by not telling? He went into the dog house because of it and everyone knows he was intending to fight as it was.