Top kickboxing stories of 2012


BloodyElbow's Fraser Coffeen put together a list of the top stories in kickboxing for 2012.

For kickboxing fans, 2012 was a glorious year. Yes there were bumps along the way, and no it didn't produce any all time classic fights, but after the darkness of 2011, it was a reminder that international kickboxing is not dead.

1. Welcome Glory.
In 2012 Golden Glory gyms stepped it up, big time, founding GLORY, a new organization with clear designs on filling the void left by an absent K-1.

2. Goodbye It's Showtime.
One big step in the rise of Glory was their buyout of  Europe's #1 kickboxing company It's Showtime, which was absorbed into Glory over the summer.

3. The Rocky Return of K-1.
The big name for casual fans remains K-1, and after a dormant 2011, K-1 finally came back in 2012, though the return was far from smooth.

4. Semmy Schilt and Giorgio Petrosyan: Still the Man
Schilt and Petrosyan (and, to a lesser extent, S-Cup champion Andy Souwer) showed that the guard isn't ready to change just yet.

5. The Trials and Tribulations of Badr Hari.
He now sits in jail, waiting to face nine different charges that could result in very serious jail time.

Honorable Mention
•3-0 kickboxing record of Mirko Cro Cop in 2012.
•Rise of Superkombat.

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What were your kickboxing highlights of 2012?


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fightharder site profile image  

1/9/13 1:48 PM by fightharder

Anyways my kickboxing story where the trials and tribulations of a different fighter, mr Buakaw Banchamek (formerly called Por. Pramuck).   It gave us a small look into the insidious and abhorent practises of some of the kickbox gym owners in Thailand. These people where willing to destroy arguable one of their best kickboxers (at least the best thai ever to compete in K-1) just  ever just because he refused to be treated in a rather disgraceful manner.    

junobeach site profile image  

1/9/13 12:31 PM by junobeach

I missed most kickboxing in the last few months because it's just been so confusing to follow. There's very little news on it, I don't even know what glory and k1 are even doing anymore. I don't know who is fighting where, don't know if krush is still alive.

fightharder site profile image  

1/9/13 12:28 PM by fightharder

I did not really enjoy it. I thought they made a big mistake with the new rules (and from what i gathered it was not just my personal dislike for them because a lot of people seemed to dislike them). If you are going to have two minute rounds you really let the fighter compete in more of them. It just did not work out at all.   I also,unfortunately,was somewhat dissapointed by a few things that happened. I thought Aerts quit to fast. The Aerts of old would have probably continued. I have such respect and admiration for his career but i do feel age is getting to him.   I think Zimmerman is way to big. I know he was never the most muscular guy out there but he is just carrying around fat now instead of mass. He was such a promising fighter when he started but he always had some problems with training intensity/frequency and it is showing badly. The same goes for Saddik.   While it is nothing new i am getting extremely annoyed at the lack of weight classes. Saki is a tremendous fighter but he is never going to stand a chance against these bigger guys. They either need to set up an middleweight or light heavyweight division ASAP because it frankly comes over as unprofessional.   Remy was extremely dissapointing to me. It did not seem like his heart was in it at all. I know he been fighting more defensively the last couple of years (even before his retirement) but his performance was simply shocking in my eyes.   Finally,something that Glory could not account for,it was the absence of Badr Hari. He fucked up so many times this problem with jail time was bound to happen (he probably get off though, justice system in my country is really a bit of a joke). Its always sad to see someone so talented fuck up for himself so badly without cause. But he is really the only fighter who can challenge Semmy (he probably win...finally getting a title he should have made sure he won years ago).   While it is a joy K-1 is back and there where some enjoyable moments i think generally the shorter round and the absence of volume of these rounds had an extremely detrimental impact to the whole event. I felt like i was watching prolonged training matches instead of real fights. The can keep the shorter timespan of the rounds but the need to make the fighter fight more of them then. Otherwise they will never create the classic fights of the past again.

ns_echoes site profile image  

1/8/13 4:39 PM by ns_echoes

Really enjoyed the GLORY tournament on New Year's Eve. Still wish Errol Zimmerman vs. Jamal Ben Saddik went to a third round. Could have been epic.

topsidegogo site profile image  

1/8/13 3:08 PM by topsidegogo

  It was awesome to see the New Year's Eve show happen in Japan, and 10x more awesome Comcast Sports Net replayed it for the US audience.  Listening to Mauro And Quadros on the mic brought back some memories.  If they had Bas it woulda been mind blowing.  Even the DREAM production was awesome. bonus knock out vid