White: UFC safer than the NFL

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"Concussion is a huge dilemma right now for the NFL. Here's the difference between the UFC and the NFL as far as concussions are concerned.

First of all, if you get a concussion, if you get knocked out or you get hurt whatsoever in the UFC, three months suspension. You are on suspension for three months and you cannot come back until you are cleared by a doctor. You can't have any contact whatsoever. In the NFL, you're not going to lose Tom Brady for three months, man. You lose Tom Brady for three months and your whole season is wiped out.

So, the UFC, listen, we don't hide from it, it's a contact sport and that's what these guys do, (is) much safer. In the 20-year history of the UFC, it will be 20-years in November, there has never been a death or a serious injury. Never been a death or serious injury in 20 years because we go above and beyond when it comes to the safety of these guys.

When you know you have two healthy athletes getting ready to compete, they get the proper medical attention before and after, it's the safest sport in the world, fact."

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WoodenPupa site profile image  

1/10/13 6:47 AM by WoodenPupa

"Unless they can develop a scan which can detect deterioration of a living brain in the meantime. Until then all we can do is speculate"No, frequent, live cognitive functioning tests are quite sufficient in conjunction with the existing scan tech. Memory tests and so forth to check for that deterioration. Checking for slurred speech, stability of motor skills, stuff like that. Much cheaper than scans and can catch early signs of PD.

TenOfSwords site profile image  

1/10/13 4:57 AM by TenOfSwords

Please, Dana - don't give the NFL owners the impetus for sissifying the game even further (now they're talking about abolishing kickoffs).

Carla Esparza #1 Fan site profile image  

1/10/13 3:39 AM by Carla Esparza #1 Fan

That's not necessarily true.  Most combat sports generally stick the camera on the winner until they know the other fighter is 100% ok.  And in the NFL generally when it's deemed that the injruy is quite serious, they often pan away and out to the players of the teams sitting around waiting etc.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

1/10/13 3:19 AM by PrettyBoy

Why wait... There are plenty now

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

1/9/13 8:54 PM by FixedPartialArts

There's no way of knowing, until like the NFL, they go through about 40-50 years, the athletes die, and they study their brains under a microscope. Unless they can develop a scan which can detect deterioration of a living brain in the meantime. Until then all we can do is speculate, and one side would in biased fashion point out the cons of the other. Both sides could do that all day. It's not tennis vs. MMA/American Football. DW has always exploited the lack of information available to defend against critics who argue the sport isn't safe even relative to other dangerous ones. The reality is the anecdotal evidence indicates it's pretty rough on the brain and body, but we won't truly know for a long while. The fighters today are guinea pigs.

CoolnDeadly site profile image  

1/9/13 7:09 PM by CoolnDeadly

Lets wait 20yrs and see how many UFC fighters are punch drunk.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

1/9/13 4:59 PM by LilBrockonmychest

As stated earlier, it's stupid to compare. The UFC had 32 events in 2012 and with an average of 20 fighters per event, that is around 640 total competitors per year.The NFL has about 1,600 athletes competing each week, or 27,200 per regular season. Not only that, no one in the UFC "practices or trains UFC" in between fights. So if Forrest is clean KO'd and badly concussed in training, Dana wouldn't count that in his statistics because the guy wasn't hurt in the UFC.

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

1/9/13 4:49 PM by FedorEmilioEstevez

I think 'contact sport' is what he meant and sort if a given really. He's obviously not saying mma is safer than snooker.

fightharder site profile image  

1/9/13 1:56 PM by fightharder

There both unsafe at least compared to regular life. We can argue about the safety off both sports but why does it constantly needs to be adressed publicly. This is not so much a slight to Dana but to the media and hence the people, who all seem to have some sort of judgement about this whole issue. I would rather be told about the methods their using to prevent damage then about how safe the sports are comparable to eachother.   Professional athletes all that risk. Some take bigger risk with their health then others but as long as they accept the risks and public stays interested (i never heard of a NFL support who make the thought out decision to stop watching the sport because he deemed it to unsafe) why does this need to be an issue that deserves so much PR.   In my eyes it is risk versus reward within reasons. If you do not want to take the risk then i would advice you not to participate in the game or try to starting a league where you can compete with different rules. But i hardly hear any noise from the athletes themselves. It is mostly noise from people indirectly connected to the sports in question or people who seem to have a opinion regardless of their level of knowledge about the said subject. Some more restrain would be nice.   We live in a dangerous world,but if people accept the risk they should be free to do so. People need to be a little more realistic about it so hopefully Dana is not forced to defend MMA time after time publicly.

NukSooCow site profile image  

1/9/13 1:17 PM by NukSooCow

Agree with Dana on everything except the "safest sport in the world" part. I mean, MMA is safer than baseball? Or tennis? Come on. But who cares, because Dana's the man. No ones right all the time.