Healy frustrated with 'must win' terms in last Strikeforce fight

by Steph Daniels | source: bloodyelbow.com


It's frustrating. I mean, I'm happy to fight. I've always been happy to fight. I just want a guarantee that when the music stops, I've got a seat to sit at. Why do I have to be the only one fighting for my job, especially when we all can kind of read the writing on the wall, and see that some guys pulled out of this card because they didn't want to be in this same situation.


I do feel the pressure that I've got to go in there and make a statement. Even if I win, but it's a close fight, I'd imagine that they're going to take that into account for negotiating a new contract. So yeah, the pressure is on to not only win, but win in really decisive fashion.

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duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

1/12/13 6:27 PM by duckhuntgangsta

I think everyone fighting tonight should be guaranteed a fight in the UFC. They showed up when others backed out. I mean, unless there is Kalib Starnes or Guida esq running man performance I don't think it should be so black and white.

Crooklyn site profile image  

1/12/13 2:03 PM by Crooklyn

Thanks for posting this UG Blog!

hogh20 site profile image  

1/12/13 1:08 PM by hogh20

The UFC would be retarded if they don't take guys like Healy and Saffidine if they should lose. Dudes are gamers.

Neil Funk site profile image  

1/12/13 12:49 PM by Neil Funk

The only place for Healy is the UFC. I hope the higher-ups throw him a bone, he's a good guy and has had a hell of a career.

Ryann Von Doom site profile image  

1/12/13 12:36 PM by Ryann Von Doom

Healy lost to hirota, and i understand his nervousness.. I would be also considering the mma landscape.

Authority Figure site profile image  

1/12/13 11:50 AM by Authority Figure

I think there's some truth to what you're saying. It would be reasonable to give every fighter who brave enough to get on the card a "free pass" for one future UFC fight. They are already professionals. Many of them help train UFC fighters and champions as teammates everyday.  That said, I understand Zuffa's position - I need you to look good so I can market you as a marquee fighter that just happens to be in an organization I've been clamining didn't have marquee talent for a decade. They need each fighter to basically prove them wrong, so they don't have to apologize for their description of Strikeforce. Myself, I loved Strikeforce and thought the fights had lots more action over the years. The production and commentating were lacking - to be sure - but I never had a problem with the fight quality before last year. I hope that fighters that pulled out to avoid the ultimate test DON'T get free passes into the UFC. That would be a a shame. Everyone of us has to earn our jobs, clients and opportunities in life - and we have to constantly do so, it should be no different for anyone else. Work competition is tough for everyone of us.  Best of luck to Pat for stepping up!

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

1/12/13 11:27 AM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

Hirota is going to fight in the UFC now eventhough he lost. How has he gotten fucked in this scenario? Including Hirota, the last 4 fighters that Healy has beaten have been signed by the UFC. So who is the one really fucked in this scenario?

Santino DeFranco site profile image  

1/12/13 10:22 AM by Santino DeFranco

Healy is the man, and has been plugging away for a long time now with some great wins under his belt. He should be brought into the UFC regardless of a win.

SomeonesGettinBingoed site profile image  

1/12/13 8:27 AM by SomeonesGettinBingoed

He shouldnt be on a five win streak. I like Healey, but he was gifted a decision in his fight against Mizuto Hirota.Hirota is the one that got fucked in this scenario. He had a fight scheduled for this card, but as his opponent got hurt, the fight was scrached and he has literally been fucked. Because right know he should be on Healey's spot. Cause he won that damn fight.And he wouldnt be whining with the must win situation, he would accept it like a man, just like when he was robbed on his fight, he was frustated but he didnt go on a rant.

victorchensky site profile image  

1/12/13 3:40 AM by victorchensky

at least give the guy an easier fight