Does Herrig's attitude help or hurt WMMA?

by Seth Horowitz | source:

While its popularity may not be in question, how the fighters are marketing themselves does raise some eye brows. While some fighters would market their abilities in the ring, MMA star Felice Herrig seems to have no problem with flaunting her ability, her body in this case, to get ahead in the MMA. Herrig’s attitude may help her to move up in the sport but does it ultimately help or hurt how women are viewed upon in female sports?

When competing in a sport, the goal is to win. The more wins a person or team accumulates, the higher in status you climb until reaching the ultimate goal; being number one. However, people like Felice feel that you also need to be marketable in order to be successful.

She said that “In female sports especially it’s about how marketable you are and I’m not going to hide who I am.”  For her, this means knowing she has more than an attractive body and flaunting it to help her become more successful in the MMA.  Yet, the 28 year-old knows that this approach could cause more harm than good.

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DiscipleDojo site profile image  

1/15/13 1:09 PM by DiscipleDojo

From the article:   Seriously??   I'm a fan of both Ronda and Felice as fighters. I'm not crazy about the sexy self-marketing that many women fighters engage in, but to claim that the woman who was naked on the cover of ESPN's body issue is not engaging in the same thing that Felice does is terribly disingenuous. The writer of this article is either biased against Felice, or ignorant of Ronda's activities outside the cage.

fightharder site profile image  

1/15/13 7:33 AM by fightharder

Ofcource she is ''selling'' out on some level.   If she was an incredible champion she would not have to ''lower'' herself  to the level she is currently moving in the direction of (people know her more for her  antics in private life then for her actual fighting ability).   But i do not begrudge her for it. Because first of all she seems to have the personality to match her antics. It does it seems extremely fake,she is just a wild child. And secondly there is not much money currently in female MMA  and considering her skill level she needs to make some ''compromises'' to earn her pay.   Guys are dogs (myself included) and she is throwing us a dogthreat once in a while (if she would release that sextape i would consider it a bone). You have to stay realistic about these things.   And i find it a lot less annoying then Honda tactic. At least she is not slagging off champion fighters in the press.   But i must admit that i am personally not the biggest fan of her. I just do not think she is that hot. Her jawline bothers the fuck out of me and i can take her  or leave her as a fighter.

Sleazy Martinez site profile image  

1/15/13 7:32 AM by Sleazy Martinez

The one person it isn't hurting is Felice. If it's helping keep a roof over her head and food on the table then the people that are against it can go suck a bag of dicks/tits. Whichever applies.

Sticksy site profile image  

1/15/13 6:19 AM by Sticksy

Womens MMA is a comparitively newly growing market. Its important to gain interest in the sport and women fighting. As long as you can fight well, it doesn't matter too much how you get people to initially watch. Its like a relationship, looks matter initially then personality comes later. Same as this, a hot chick might draw you in, then you see 'wow she can actually fight' and you catch her fights because of that reason the next time around.

RowdyBec site profile image  

1/15/13 6:12 AM by RowdyBec

Like someone said before... don't hate the playa, hate the game :) I used to be critical of Felice & the way she marketed but now that I understand her way & got to meet her... I say more power to her!! Let her do her thing, we can't all be robots & lets be honest... WMMA doesn't exactly get the same attention or opportunities as male MMA does so anything that can bridge that gap is a positive in my eyes :)

Amano Ginji site profile image  

1/15/13 5:38 AM by Amano Ginji

She occationally hurts my right hand ;)

Strategy101 site profile image  

1/15/13 5:30 AM by Strategy101

Honestly, I wish it wasnt necessary, but I'm of the opinion it is more beneficial than harmful. Given that most womens sports arent widely popular (compared to male sports), and that even amongst some of the current MMA fanbase there are those that dont respect/care for the female side of the sport. I think once MMA in general, and womens MMA reaches a level of exposure and popularity that a "future" for the sport isnt ever in doubt, then I think this sort of thing would perhaps be more harmful than good. Right now, I think women like Gina Carano, Ronda Rousey, Felice Herrig, Bec Hyatt, Miesha Tate and every other attractive female competitor I've not mentioned are a big part of what is drawing interest to the sport. I may not like that appearance is any part of why there is interest (shouldnt people kicking each others asses be enough?), but I'd rather the sport got as much fan support as possible.

Sherdoggystyle site profile image  

1/15/13 4:16 AM by Sherdoggystyle

The thing that hurts MMA is lame articles on the dumbest things. It really makes the sport sound juvenile.

Farewell Brock site profile image  

1/15/13 3:41 AM by Farewell Brock

She has got to have one of the most sexxy stomachs in history.

absolutesperry site profile image  

1/15/13 3:09 AM by absolutesperry

Ask yourself when is women's tennis is doing the best? When their are sexy girls on tour. Same goes for most women sports - surfing etc.