Bisping: Nobody's promoted this sport more than me

by Damon Martin | source:

Everyone from Hector Lombard to Alan Belcher to just about everyone in between has said they want a shot at Bisping in the Octagon, and he gets it, and understands why his name is on the lips of every middleweight out there.

“I never shy away from saying things, and I’m going to sound really arrogant here, but a lot of people call me out. Almost all middleweights call me out, and they’re just trying to get a bit of hype off of my back. I’ve worked hard in this sport, I’ve fought hard, I’ve done three seasons of the Ultimate Fighter, I’ve done 10 million interviews. Nobody’s promoted this sport and the middleweight division more than me, and I guarantee that,” Bisping said recently when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio.

“Nobody’s done more interviews, nobody’s done more TV, and that’s why people want to call me out because a lot of people know who I am, and they want to take a bit of what I’ve got by fighting me or be put in the same sentence. They’re all going to get their asses kicked at the end of the day, but they might make a few dollars and get a bit of limelight out of it.”

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TOAO site profile image  

1/19/13 6:57 PM by TOAO


Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

1/19/13 6:14 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand

And let's not forget this: Chael says the things he does to get attention and get exposure by trolling. He's playing a role that is not the same person he is in real life.Bisping constantly complains and seems to actually BELIEVE @ least half of the BS he says.

bknumber1 site profile image  

1/19/13 5:49 PM by bknumber1

"Nobody has run their mouth more in this sport than me."Fixed it for you!

PeterIrl site profile image  

1/19/13 5:38 PM by PeterIrl

Mike is forgetting about this guy:

Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

1/19/13 5:37 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand

If he means promoted the sport in a negative light, then I agree whole-heartedly.

Othello site profile image  

1/19/13 5:35 PM by Othello

No BJM? Real nice list foob.

Vril site profile image  

1/19/13 4:43 PM by Vril

He's right that KO is the most famous KO in last decade.

ramit upper site profile image  

1/19/13 3:59 PM by ramit upper

Belcher,Lombard & Weidman.. etc all earn a FRACTION of the Count`s wages for a very good reason.

ramit upper site profile image  

1/19/13 3:56 PM by ramit upper

Bisping is correct.The Count earns the BIG bucks for a reason.