Rampage: My career doesn't end with the UFC

by Matthew Freeman | source: espn.com

“There’re a lot of reasons I’m leaving the UFC, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was that they knew I was injured before the Bader fight. The card wasn’t strong enough for the fans. I didn’t feel I could pull out of the fight because it was in Japan and that’s where I came from. The UFC had all the old Pride fighters busy,” explains Rampage. “They knew they [were] going to Japan but they had Dan Henderson, Shogun [Mauricio Rua], all the guys fighting before. Then they tried not to put me on the card and go to Chicago on a Fox card, and I just couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t use the Pride guys.”

Though Rampage took the responsibility to fight with his injury, he said it was Dana White’s reaction to his loss that pushed Jackson to make his decision to leave.

“Dana said [publicly] my head wasn’t into the fight and he talked some s--- about me even though he knew I had the injury. They’d helped me with the injury. That was the last straw for me.”

While "Rampage" Jackson has clearly fallen out of love with the UFC, his MMA career is far from over.

“I’m training better than ever now my knee is fixed. I was fighting with a bum knee for 12 years and it finally gave out on me before the Bader fight. Now I’m getting better, I’m getting faster. I’ve got a good team around me and I’m more positive now so I know this is the next chapter for me. I’m training harder than I have in a long time and I know I’m gonna destroy this guy,” Jackson states calmly. “These next fights are about my legacy. I wanna go out there and destroy some people in MMA and move on and start making movies and TV shows and video games.”

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CaptainWoody site profile image  

1/18/13 11:24 PM by CaptainWoody

I kinda want to see that too

TDogg926 site profile image  

1/18/13 11:19 PM by TDogg926

I didn't say it, he did. He said "these next fights are about my legacy". His words, not mine. Settle down.

Billytk site profile image  

1/18/13 10:59 PM by Billytk

He doesn't need to stay in the UFC for "legacy" he already has that from Pride and from his early days in the UFC.If he can make some big money and have some fun fights outside the UFC he'll still be remembered as one of the greatest LHWs even with the shit fights he's had lately

rjhartman site profile image  

1/18/13 10:53 PM by rjhartman

Best shape of life, new training team and gym, positive outlook and motivation. These are the same things we hear before every fight lately, then Rampage goes out and gets wrestle-fucked. I'm not falling for it anymore.

OftheWay site profile image  

1/18/13 8:51 PM by OftheWay

Hard to believe fighter's injury excuses as they come so frequently, but if there's any truth that Rampage's lackluster performances of late are a result of a bum knee then Mr. Glover might be in some trouble.

White Buffalo site profile image  

1/18/13 8:50 PM by White Buffalo

Yes it does.

Kings21 site profile image  

1/18/13 8:50 PM by Kings21

Most fighters careers dont end in the UFC. They end fighting in smaller shows trying to hold on to the greatness they once held but will never achieve again. Its a shame really. Some guys either never made enough or spent too much too quickly and need to continue participating in a brutal sport after their prime years have passed. I'm unsure of what Rampage will be looking to achieve outside the UFC other than decent paydays, and he may get that, but I doubt he'll get much else apart from destroying journeymen fighters in the lower levels of MMA.

Fred Ettish the Alternate site profile image  

1/18/13 8:41 PM by Fred Ettish the Alternate

My career doesn't end in the UFC, it ends in Hollywood :)

Internettufguy site profile image  

1/18/13 7:41 PM by Internettufguy

Rampage BEGGED to fight on the Japan card, and that's why he went through with the fight, hurt or not. Nothing to do with the UFC and them not filling the card with other Pride guys. He didn't pull out because he wanted to try and capture some of his former Pride glory in front of his "home" crowd. Typical of him lately to shift blame away from himself.

EBM site profile image  

1/18/13 7:28 PM by EBM

Rebney wants to sign Rampage big time. He'll be in Bellator before the end of 2013.