White slams Miragliotta, Alcantara gets win bonus

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During the UFC on FX 7 prelim card, Yuri Alcantara took Pedro Nobre's back and was landing what appeared to be legal blows. 

Referee Dan Miragliotta warned Alcantara about strikes to the back of the head, and then stopped the contest. Eventually a No Contest was declared.

In the past there have been multiple definitions of what constitutes the illegal "back of the head" area in MMA. One is the "Mohawk/Cell phone" standard, by which you start at the top of the crown, and slide a cell phone down the back. That area - roughly one inch on either side of an imaginary line down the back of the head - is off limits. The "Headphones" standard is another - strikes are prohibited to any location that would be behind a pair of headphones worn on the head.

In 2009 the Asociation of Boxing Comissions adopted a definition of back of the head that combines both standards. The new rule uses the mohawk definition towards the top of the head, and widens the prohibited striking area towards the base of the neck:

The Committee has found a compromise between the Mohawk definition and the headphones definition. The Committee recommends a nape of the neck definition. Basically, the group concluded that a strike that touches the ear is generally acceptable. Strikes are not permissible in the nape of the neck area up until the top of the ears. Above the ears, permissible strikes do not include the Mohawk area from the top of the ears up until the crown of the head. The crown of the head is found where the head begins to curve. In other words, strikes behind the crown of the head and above the ears are not permissible within the Mohawk area. Strikes below the top of the ear are not permissible within the nape of the neck area.

The new rule can be summed up pretty simply - if you are hitting the back of the head, at least part of your glove has to be touching his ear. There is a further sometimes complication consideration - the opponent has a responsibility to not turn the back of his head into an incoming strike that would otherwise have landed legally.

However, the final blows did not appear to land on the back of the head, by any definition, although perhaps Miragliotta discerned that Nobre was feeling the results of an earlier blow that did land too close to the back of the head.

UFC president Dana White, who was not cageside in Brazil as he is recovering from surgery in the US, responded angrily, via Twitter.

Dana White @danawhite
That was BS!!! Pedro is an award winning actor and horrible call by Dan M

Although Alcantara did not get the win, he did get the win money.

"Yuri ended up getting his win bonus," said UFC Managing Director of International Development Marshall Zelaznik at the events post-fight news conference.

In the opening fight of the main card, Khabib Nurmagomedov knocked down Thiago Tavares and landed 14 unanswered elbows.

This time White was truly incensed. Again, via Twitter.

Dana White @danawhite
Ok that is officially the END of Dan M!!!! Guys head is straight up his ass 2 night!!!! 17 vicious strikes!!!! After he was already hurt

The UFC does not choose referees. That task falls to the regulating athletic commission.

In this case, the event was regulated by the Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), headed by former executive secretary of Brazil's ministery of justice Rafael Favetti and attorney Giovanni Biscardi, who is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.

The regular presence of Steve Mazzagatti in the Octagon despite White's longstanding antipathy towards the veteran refereee is evidence that Miragliotta will be around as long as athetic commissions want him to be. But that is not going to stop White from speaking his mind.


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Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

1/21/13 9:29 PM by Olive Garden Table For One

This. Back of the head shots should be legal retroactive to Sakara-Cote

BUFFGEO site profile image  

1/21/13 4:57 PM by BUFFGEO

Problem is damn near every fight has a shit load of illegal strikes to the back of the head... but no ref ever calls them... and we all bitch about itThose strikes were illegal, no one will try and say otherwise, its obvious... but a ref make the right call and suddenly he sucksIllegal strikes to the back of the head are so common place they occur more often then many legal techniques! If everyone is going to let them go just fuckin make them legal then!

Roy Batty site profile image  

1/21/13 12:15 PM by Roy Batty

Hi, Dan!

flipmode site profile image  

1/21/13 11:19 AM by flipmode

I heard Miragliotta is a big supporter of TRT.

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

1/21/13 9:07 AM by Olive Garden Table For One

Then Enzo should straighten it out. He's got plenty of juice

Bipolar site profile image  

1/20/13 9:35 PM by Bipolar

This is disturbing.

goeb site profile image  

1/20/13 9:29 PM by goeb

Wait so why is Dan allowed to ref events that are overseen by Marc Ratner then?Also why are subpar judges still assigned rules in foreign events overseen by Ratner?I am confused.

Authority Figure site profile image  

1/20/13 5:41 PM by Authority Figure

A phrase that will never catch on: Let him ref, bro.

B_Goetz site profile image  

1/20/13 4:39 PM by B_Goetz

There is no sport in the world that is harder to officiate than MMA. No sport that asks an official to interpret intangibles such as someone's intent, awareness and mental state more than this sport.In the case of the Tavares fight, he appeared initially to be sitting up and attempting to improve his position. Fighters often accept a few shots to get out of a bad spot. If you don't want early stoppages like Cain-Rothwell, where Rothwell accepted damage to improve position, you're going to get situations where the referee lets it go until there can be no doubt that a fighter is stuck and must be rescued. This is all in real time, and the difference in terms of the time the referee intervenes is just a few seconds. We're asking referees to intervene at the second that someone can no longer defend themselves, to know precisely when that occurs, and to perform in that fashion unfailingly.

Koku_Ryuu site profile image  

1/20/13 4:12 PM by Koku_Ryuu

The hell with don't ever work in MMA.....dude...I hope you don't drive at night..LOL. Thiago's left arm is hanging on for dear life....and his right arm was pinned under Khabib's knee...as he ate 8-10 clean elbows. So how in the hell was he defending?? With his caterpillar eyebrows?? Dan is responsible for the decision to stop the fight when its OBVIOUS a guy is taking too much clean damage. Come on,son.